Everlane reviews–what I’ve bought lately

More Everlane has been quietly creeping into my closet lately. I say quietly because I haven’t reviewed any of it. Heck, some of it doesn’t get photographed. Not because I don’t think it’s blog-worthy, but because the best Everlane items, in my opinion, feel like I’ve owned them for years and become part of my instant closet rotation. So, here are reviews of those MVPs–including the women’s skinny stretch denim, the Tread trainer, the reknit glove boot, and the Alpaca crew!

Authentic Stretch Midrise Skinny Jean

Everlane Authentic Stretch Mid-Rise Skinny Jean

I’m gonna go in order from most to least worn, just for fun. Far and away, the Everlane item I’ve reached for the most is the Authentic Stretch Mid-Rise Skinny Jean (here). That’s a mouthful, but the jeans are perfect for me. They have a 9″ rise, which is what I prefer, and no distressing, so they work for casual Fridays. I haven’t seen the rest of my jeans in month now that I don’t wear them to work, and this pair is all I want on weekends. They have enough stretch to be comfy but don’t get saggy. They aren’t as comfortable as a legging but are great when I want to feel put together. I’m wearing a 28, which is my normal Madewell size.

Oversized Alpaca Crew in Java

Everlane oversized alpaca crew sweater in java

Next most worn (and hardly ever taken off for the past two weeks) is the Oversized Alpaca Crew (here). My friend recommended this to me, every blogger in the world seems to be wearing it, and it is just as good as everyone has already claimed. I like mine better than cashmere?!?

Everlane oversized alpaca crew in java

I think the word I see used to describe this sweater frequently is light and this is somehow very accurate. It’s so warm but also strangely weightless. The puff sleeves aren’t too much for me. I’m usually a size 6 and I got a small. I might get a medium in another color at some point to have a slightly more oversized look.

French Terry Mockneck Sweatshirt

Everlane french terry mockneck

Third place goes to something that is already on sale–the French Terry Mockneck (here). This is a simple sweatshirt, somehow made cooler by its total lack of hood or pockets. I wear mine around the house constantly and entirely forgot to document it until now. If it’s still available in your size I would recommend it. Everlane does extremely normcore basics the best. This is the small and was gifted to me.

The Tread Trainer in sand

Everlane tread trainer in sand

Next is the most divisive style I’ve ever posted to Instagram: the Tread Trainer. I picked these up on sale. I’m on a journey to find a new walking sneaker (I say journey because I am immensely picky and I expect I will try and return several pairs over the next few months).

I was kind of smitten with this shoe when I opened the box. Yes, it’s geeky, but the shoe knows its geeky, you know? And the pay off is that this is a very, very substantial shoe to walk around in. I wouldn’t go do burpees in it (I wouldn’t go do burpees ever though tbh) but if I found myself on an accidental spontaneous hike I believe they would hold up.

Everlane tread trainer with dresses

My personal walking sneaker rule, though, is that the sneaker has to be able to hang with any outfit, including sundresses, because I like to walk places and look cute, especially on vacations. I don’t know if I think the tan color would be as versatile as just plain white. I might try the gum sole instead, I think it tones it down a bit. I’m wearing the size 11, which is a half size up from my usual 10.5, and they fit perfectly.

I’ve never had so many vitriolic DMs on Instagram as I had when I posted these. I guess some people just HATE THEM. Haha. Just a reminder, I’m just a normal person sitting behind my phone and when you tell me you effing hate my hideous shoes you are talking to a real human who will develop a real complex about them and send them back (I’m mostly exaggerating. I just need to be liked). But I might get the white. And I will not be soliciting opinions on them again 🙂

The Glove Boot ReKnit in Toffee

Everlane glove boot in toffee

Last, but still loved, is the Glove Boot ReKnit (here), also gifted. These comfy, stretchy sock booties have sort of hung out in my closet, sadly, because they have a 2″ heel, which, while walkable, is not ideal when I teach far, far across campus. I have been trying to wear them to social events to make up for it so they get their day in the sun. Some questions I have fielded about these boots:

  • They are really stretchy and not as secure feeling as a ponte-like fabric. I was surprised by how much give they have. I wish they held my foot in a little more. It’s an interesting walking experience.
  • Yes, you can see toe outlines. They work with a thin sock but might look odd with a thicker one.
  • No, they are not warm. They are an ideal fall and spring shoe, I think. If you live in a climate with no winter they might be ideal!
  • I have seen many reviews about Everlane shoes running small. I am usually a 10.5 and that’s what I got in these. They’re the right length for me.

That’s that! Is there anything else you’ve loved from Everlane lately? I might try the pleat work pant next!

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5 thoughts on “Everlane reviews–what I’ve bought lately”

  1. Okay I’m way too scared to ever wear light colored shoes because I’m a garbage person who constantly walks through any and all mud as if it’s magnetized specifically to my feet (ask me about how I fell in a MULCH PILE at a wedding!!), but they have the sneakers in Navy for the core collection and I love them?
    Also in my all-the-time ideal world is that if you have a negative opinion about someone else’s shoes, keep it to yourself, lol. IF ONLY.


    1. Omg are they in the sale section? We can twin! I like the darker colors but have a black pair of sneakers so was looking for a lighter version that is actually supportive because my current white sneakers are converse!


  2. The french terry mockneck sweatshirt that you have shared in this article looks really amazing, I would also like to suggest you about the princess of china maxi dress. Thank you for sharing the information with us and putting it together.


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