Brass Clothing Reviews: Every Brass piece I own!

If you’ve been looking for ethical and sustainable work clothes I think you should look no further than Brass. They’re a fairly affordable ethical clothing brand and their pieces are more tailored than other brands. Plus, they have inclusive sizing, and tall sizes, so I have had more luck with them–making them a good Everlane alternative. I’ve reviewed a lot of Brass on this blog so I thought I would compile it all in one place–from the Brass Ponte Pant to the Essential Dress to everything in between–here are my reviews and photos of every Brass Clothing item I own, my advice for finding Brass on sale, and a little discount code!


All Day Pants

I should probably tell you at this point that I own A LOT of Brass. None of it is gifted and there are no monetized links in this post. I’m just excited that I’ve found a company that reliably provides good work clothes. The All Day Pant is my favorite work pant, probably ever. They are as comfy as pajamas, paired with the All Day Tank make a great faux jumpsuit, and the whole look with a blazer is such a power outfit. The pants are little bit wide, but the also drape really well, so they work in a traditional work environment. And yes, there are pockets. Comes in two inseams. I’m a size 6 and am wearing a small in the long inseam.

The Ponte

Before I bought these ponte pants I didn’t think I really needed them–though they are a cult Brass favorite. They’re not a wardrobe gap I had ever identified, but they are amazing for casual workplaces and working from home. I thought I would only be comfortable wearing these with tunics, because they are legging-like, but the pockets and the weight of the fabric mean I don’t feel self-conscious wearing them as plain old pants. Comes in 2 inseams and XS-3X sizing. I’m wearing a small.


The Essential Dress

The essential dress was my first Brass purchase. It’s airy enough for summer, but the slight sheen to the fabric makes it dressy. I wear mine absolutely everywhere. The only con is that this is the tall size, and it’s still a little on the short side for me for work. Comes in two lengths and XS-3X sizing. I’m wearing a small in the long length.

The A-Line

The A-Line is my preferred work power dress (this is the new a-line 2.0, I’m wearing 1.0 here). It has pockets, it has the right neckline for button up layering, and in person it just looks put together as heck. I’m a size 6 usually and am wearing a small in the long length.


The Button Down Blouse

I tend to find button ups uncomfortable and restricting. I honestly still feel a little of that in the button down blouse, but it’s far better than any button down I own. The only downside as a tall person is that the sleeves are a bit short. Otherwise, I love the vintage feel of this top and feel really classy in it. I’m wearing a medium.

The Best Tee and Best Tank

Over $50 for a t shirt is new territory for me, but the best tank and best tee fabric is my favorite thing ever!! It’s so soft and both of these tops look just as great tucked or untucked. They are definitely more elevated than a regular tee and look great under a blazer. I’m wearing a medium in both. The are fitted but not clingy. If you ever see on one sale (they are right now for $42/$48), grab it. It’s the kind of shirt I think about buying multiples of because when it’s in the wash I’m annoyed.

The Essential Top in Wave Weave

The wave weave top is in the clearance section right now (honestly where I snag most Brass clothes!). It has a straight, boxy fit and is the closest thing to a tank top that is work appropriate. The wave weave fabric is really amazing–it feels cool to the touch and airy in the summer. I know more wave weave is coming on the Brass site this summer and would recommend it. I’m wearing a small here. The essential top in its regular fabric is available year-round.

The Split Neck

A button down with no boob gap problems? That’s the idea of the split neck. It’s in the clearance section right now too and it’s the most misleadingly comfortable fabric ever (Doesn’t it look corporate? It’s not stiff like a normal button down at all!). This looks great under a blazer but I like that it can stand on its own untucked as well. I’m wearing a small here but should have sized up for more room in the bust.


The Spring Top

The spring top is a top/sweater hybrid that was a much-needed injection of color in my fall wardrobe. It’s light but the arm coverage is appreciated for chilly offices. Ideal if you live in a warm climate but still want to feel like you’re wearing a sweater. This is the size medium. The olive green color is on my list, too! Brass has released the spring top twice now in seasonally appropriate colors and I hope it returns in more colors when it’s, well, spring!

The Sunset Sweater

I appreciate that Brass does a good job thinking about what you need by season–the sunset sweater was released just as nights were cold but days were warm. It’s a loose weave that looks expensive in real life. It is a bit prone to being pulled–by jewelry, fingernails, etc, so I’ve had to do a couple repair jobs on mine so far. And, as a tall person, the sleeves are really three-quarters length. This is the small but I doubt going up a size would have helped in the sleeves. But I love the weight and color and reach for it constantly!

If you’ve been wanting to give Brass a try and haven’t ordered before you can use my code for $30 off your first order of $75 or more. It’s the best discount I’ve seen on Brass and I’ll get $30, too, which I will clearly need as my Brass closet expands!

Also, if you are interested in trying out some secondhand Brass items, you can join their private Facebook group, The Brass Guild. I love seeing everyone’s outfits and have tried many items secondhand this way as people post for sale Brass in the group.

I’ll update this post if I take in more Brass in 2020. Do you have other workwear brands you love, especially ethically produced ones? Or other Brass pieces you really recommend? Please leave me a comment, I’d love to hear about them!

4 thoughts on “Brass Clothing Reviews: Every Brass piece I own!”

  1. I have the Work Dress from Brass and I love it! Unfortunately I got it in a medium which is too small but I’m trying to sell it and track down a large secondhand:) You look lovely in all of these pieces. I really like your somewhat relaxed corporate style. It’s how I mostly like to dress for the office as well.


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