What I wore, what I read: May 13-17

This year is in the bag now and I am one part relieved, one part too exhausted to process, and one part screaming “why does anything about my life have to change?! It’s fine as is!” What can I say. I’m a reluctant mover. Plus my regularly scheduled exercise classes are over and I am just totally adrift without necessary endorphins. Onto the outfits…

This outfit was a rental–I found it to run true to size, but the sleeves were a little puffy, so that’s something to consider. Also, I’m not sure the hat was the most flattering with my hair type.

Starting with the best outfit, obvi–I became a wizard this week by finally wearing PhD robes, which are the goofiest kind of graduation regalia. It snowed the day before graduation, so I went practical with an older midi dress and leggings under that. I also wore boots and swapped them out for heels in the stadium:

Trying something new–if you like this J. Crew dress, here it is on Poshmark in a bunch of sized: S/M/L/XL. I got mine secondhand and am wearing the small.

All of my “what do I wear to graduation??!” thoughts became totally irrelevant due to the snow. It was cold all week, so here’s what I wore for some other graduation festivities. First, I wore dress pants and my Vetta sweater to Trevor’s graduation, then I wore an actual parka to graduation dinner, then it got warm enough to at least rock the jumpsuit the next night.

And now for some light reading (and shopping!):

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