What do I even do with dad jeans?

The question of how to style dad jeans (in this case, vintage Levis) has probably been answered a million times on the internet, but that didn’t stop me from putting them on multiple mornings, getting stuck, staring at tops, and finally chickening out and putting them away. So this week I made three combos that I know for sure I like with light wash jeans. Here they are, if dad jeans (or mom jeans…is there a difference?) vex you as well.

  1. Vintage time traveler

Y’all know I love this toasty caramel blazer. I paired it with some caramel boots (these are the Everlane reknit glove boot) and called it good. This outfit is pretty far out of my usual style comfort zone, but, as I was recently griping about on Instagram, my lovely partner is in the museum exhibit world, which means I’ve been his date to several gallery openings.

There is nothing like a gallery opening to remind me that I can dress a whole lot weirder than I think without anyone batting an eye. I’ll wear this combo to the next one. I’ll still be in the lowest quartile of interesting outfits.

Blazer: Similar (this one is old H&M–there are many on Poshmark if you search double breasted blazer with the brand!)

Boots: Everlane

2. Normcore/Scandinavian

This outfit was a real uniform when I was on a fellowship in Norway. Norwegians all looked wayyy cooler than me, but through careful observation (mostly on my daily bus commute) I learned that they’re basically just wearing items that fit well and are very very simple. Vintage washed jeans + white shirt and shoes is an easy combo. I bet it would look even cooler with a trench coat, which is on my Fall thrifting wishlist.

Shirt: Everlane

Shoes: Adidas cloudfoam advantage (many on Poshmark where I found mine!)

3. Matchy-matchy neutrals

I’ve been pairing tan with tan boots, brown with brown boots, and black with black boots. Yeah there’s nothing revolutionary about it…but simplicity is my friend when I’m not totally confident wearing new clothes out the door.

Sweater: Banana Republic

Boots: Sam Edelman

If you’re on the lookout for your own vintage Levis, I found these at Goodwill. The sizing is really hard to understand and I can now say I recommend trying some on in person before purchasing. Mine are a 32×32 and I wear a 28 in women’s denim for reference.

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