What I wore, what I read: May 6-10

Graduation week is upon us! Here’s what I wore and read to do a lot of errands and celebrate the end of the year…

I only own one jumpsuit but find it to be so versatile to have a black one! I wore this dressed up for an end of the year party. I had to teach one last time right before the party so I just had a cardigan on for that part of the day and then took it off. It was perfect. Similar jumpsuit ideas: wrap/sleeveless (love the idea of layering tees/turtlenecks under this one)

Trevor and I went out for drinks and appetizers the night before my defense. He knows me too well and said “we can go thrifting if you need to be distracted.” I did, indeed, need to be distracted.

Shirt: Tradlands/Jeans: Madewell/Jacket: Thrifted, similar

I also realized this outfit is me at peak “bargain”–I snagged this Tradlands shirt on sample sale, the utility jacket was a “designer” item that I thrifted, and I always buy Madewell jeans on sale!

I’ve been trying to take more pictures of what I wear for super casual days lately, just to identify patterns in that area of my wardrobe. I wore this to Zumba with brunch after. All of my favorite bargain workout clothes are from Old Navy. They hold up pretty well and I especially love the shirt selection.

And now, reading:

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