4 combos for adding color back into my summer outfits

In the winter, I sort of look like a grayscale (almost typed Greyscale..too much GoT on the brain!) cartoon. But, maybe because winter was way too long this year, I am now finding myself craving more colorful outfits. The problem is that I don’t find pairing colors as “effortless” as picking neutrals. After browsing Pinterest for way too many hours, here are some colorful outfits I’ve put together lately:

Colorful accessories: My easiest combo right now is all neutrals + one pop of color in an accessory. I like tan and cream with warm colors and gray and navy with cool colors.

Purse: Old Navy (old, here’s this seasons version), Shoes: Everlane. Everything else: thrifted.

Tiny prints: I love colorful prints with a neutral background that guides by color choices.

Some fun skirt options: Mini/Dark florals/Navy

Red: Pops of warm orangey-red are my current favorite, so I’ve been focusing on that one color so that it’s easy to mix and match!

Some other red options: A summer dress, a casual tee, shorts

Multiple colors at once?!: This is the most outside of my comfort zone, but mixing all warm tones or all cool tones is another easy way to add color back into my life.

Need more inspiration? Here are some fun accounts I’ve been following lately that have inspired me to add colors back into my life:

  • Putting Me Together: Really useful at teaching about mixing colors and patterns!
  • Chlo and Clothes: Chloe is an absolutely fantastic human on Instagram who inspires me to have fun with vintage-y looks!
  • History of Architecture: Erica is professor style goals and uses so many warm, toasty tones in her outfits.
  • The Frugality Blog: Alex’s outfits are so incredibly fashion-y but she always finds things at affordable stores. And she is inspiring my love of bright red, for sure.

One thought on “4 combos for adding color back into my summer outfits”

  1. Loved your ideas; especially the floral skirt paired with a simple white top. Sunshine shades; colors like orange and wine red, are much in fashion these days, and will suit you splendidly. Choose a wide legged trouser in sunburnt orange to create an impact.


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