How I buy Madewell items for less

I’ll keep it brief: Madewell is my favorite store. Almost every item I see makes me do grabby hands and say “I want to go to there.” But, Madewell is also a little too expensive for my life. Here are some ways I find it cheaper and on sale.

1) 30% off clearance

At the end of every season, Madewell does a week or so where you can take an extra 30% off clearance items–this is standard for so many retailers, but Madewell keeps the sale rare enough that I actually jump on it when I get the email. And it’s happening right now. Here are my current picks:

1 I can attest that this sweater is very soft ($39)

2 Trying to keep my sale picks Fall-focused so I can enjoy them for longer, so this short sleeve sweater is great ($28)

3 Similarly, this sweater tank is perfect for when you want it to be Fall but it is 90 degrees out ($35)

4 The Courier shirt is one of their best sellers but usually a little spendy–this one (with suns on it!) is on sale ($35)

Things that don’t usually last on sale: jeans (if they’re under $90 that’s probably as low as it gets before sizing gets sparse) and totes (under $130 is good, under $100 is cray for the Transport Tote).

2) Nordstrom Rack

Now that Madewell is sold at Nordstrom stores, Nordstrom Rack gets Madewell items. Praise be! They don’t get a wide selection, but I did get my beloved Transport Tote there last fall for $80 after the Nordstrom yearly sale was over (it was an item produced especially for the sale). That sale is happening again this month so I will be stalking Nordstrom Rack in September or so, looking for Madewell items.

3) Use your student ID + attend in-store parties

This only works if you are near a physical Madewell, but sign up for your local store’s mailing list and they will send you invites to parties, which often come with a discount and snacks! And (although this seems inconsistent…) they have sometimes combined the party discount with the 15% off discount you get for showing your student ID. Which is how I got this pair of wide-leg pants for $20.

It also helps that in-store parties often have cocktails, which may encourage you to try on wide-leg pants even though you never have before…

Anyway, that’s how I’ve outfitted myself in a bunch of Madewell over the last couple of years. I have not bought any items at full-price, but with some patience waiting for sales, I’ve managed to snag a bunch of stuff on my wishlist. This is not a sponsored post (ahem, call me Madewell), I just really like their stuff.

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