What I’m packing for a summer conference

Professionalism is hard enough without it being 90 degrees with 80% humidity, but that’s exactly what I’m facing next week at a Nashville conference I’m attending. Here’s what I’m packing and what’s on the agenda:


So for 3 days of conferencing, plus a little Nashville exploring, I packed: 2 dress shirts (white, similar to black), 1 cardigan (similar in the J Crew sale), 1 skirt (thrifted), 1 pair of linen pants (similar and $20!), and 1 dress (not pictured), along with 2 pairs of comfy flats (loafers, flats) and 1 pair of sandals.

My main concern this time around was fabric. Linen pants are LIFE, as it turns out. I genuinely did not believe people when they told me that linen keeps you cool (I grew up in Arizona…nothing keeps you cool there). Also, I’m bringing my #1 dress shirt by Lysse, along with a dress by them. Their pieces are a little spendy but they’re made of athletic fabric, and they feel soooo nice when it’s hot. Whenever someone compliments my white shirt, I make them feel it–it is always cooler than whatever room we’re in, temperature-wise.

Day 1 is just a meet-and-greet and happy hour, so I decided to keep it simple:


Day 2 is a full day of 15-minute presentations, including my own–this conference asks people to give “practice job talks” or a formal talk about your work (which is a thing during academic interviews…a very stressful thing). I’m looking forward to the practice, but am also terrified, so this power outfit is in the cards:


Also, I just bought some Frye pointed-toe flats, and they are SO comfortable. It takes a lot for me to declare flats comfy–I am an expert at getting blisters. These are picky feet endorsed. At the end of the day, we are going out in Nashville–I might switch back into my black dress, or just throw sandals on with the above outfit.

The last day I just get to chill and listen to other people’s presentations, so I opted for simple comfort:


It goes without saying that my cardigan will go everywhere with me because air-conditioned rooms are the worst.

Got Nashville recommendations? Please let me know!

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