Outfits lately: End of November

a weekly roundup of what I read and wore


Hi friends. This week…phew. The job market is a lot. I don’t have news, but the “oh my gosh winter break is coming it’s time to make decisions” vibe is palpable. I’ve been keeping calm by diffusing lavender, roasting vegetables, and demanding more cat pictures from Megan. Grad school friends are the best. Here’s what I’ve been wearing:


My favorite trick this week has been pairing my distressed jeans with layers. Distressed jeans feel like a summer thing, to me, but with leggings underneath, they work well in winter. With a peacoat and a belt, I think they give any outfit some edge, maybe because they fit well into the philosophy of mixing high and low style (I thought this was fascinating!). 

Slim Boy Jean: Madewell (Similar. I thrifted mine…actually this whole outfit is thrifted)


If you’re in a warmer climate, I liked putting my winter dressing skills to the test in Arizona last week. Here are a couple of outfits I picked out. I think a felt hat looks like fall without adding too much warmth. Mostly I just enjoyed being reunited with sneakers and cropped jeans. PS–did you see this all out insta-brawl on the Jesse Kamm page? It has since been taken down. Grab your popcorn if you care about size inclusivity. On that note, my pair of wide leg pants are from Madewell and come in sizes 23-37. My trusty black and white striped shirt is from Old Navy (similar).


I also tried all black with taupe boots for a night out, where I mostly ate a lot of pretzel fondue and got to be in bed by 10. Win-win.

Boots: Sam Edelman

Top: Thrifted (inspired by this Everlane tank, but here’s an $18 version)

Jeans: Madewell

And here’s what I’ve been reading, if you are so inclined:

Stop buying crap and companies will stop making it

How to Break Up with Your Phone– I taught this in class this week and my students loved it, which made me happy.

American Fire– Oh man, if you need dissertation writing inspiration, this was really excellent nonfiction. I tore through it in 2 days. 

Ethnicity and DNA tests– Excellent discussion of family, the accuracy of DNA tests, and our narrated identities.

This week: wrapping up grading for my students, trying to get to the gym every weekday to relieve stress. Hope your end of the semester goes well!

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