Beginning of December outfits + reading

I am currently enjoying what we in dissertation-land call draft purgatory. You know, where you have sent a draft of something to your advisor, and they haven’t given you comments back yet. So you do nothing. For like a week.

Usually I love draft purgatory. But I have a lot on my mind right now, job market-wise, and have definitely learned over the last month that research is your only form of agency on the job market. You can’t control the jobs. The only thing you can do is try to graduate.

Anyway. Here’s what I’ve been wearing lately.


Shiny mules: These are the exclamation point on all my outfits now! $22 at Target. Another great source of styling inspo is Natalie Borton, who is rocking gold mules!


Coat: J. Crew, old (similar–PS J. Crew Mercantile is being discontinued so look for this to go on sale!!)

Boots: Pikolinos (similar, bargain!)

Belt: Target


I’ve been on a turtleneck kick over here. They’re just so amazingly comfy. Also, I love this argument for wearing them on first dates, haha.

Striped turtleneck (above, $16)

Tan turtleneck (comes in tall and petite sizes, $10)

Beanie (I want one in all the colors)

Joggers (my favorite fancy jogger!)


I got to hang out around Philly this weekend for a dear friend’s engagement party and it was just what I needed before finals. Look at all the Christmas decor! It made me think I should go invest in some greenery for our living room.

And here’s what I’ve read:

Easy terracotta ornaments: For when people spring surprise gifts on you and you need to reciprocate. Also, these brownie cookies are gift-worthy in my book. They cookie cut really well!

Money and trauma: What do you do when money is a reminder of pain?

Buy me once: This lovely write up on a website focused on finding products that actually last.

Secrets of personal shoppers: I’m planning my career change.

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