I tried #12daysofminimalism

Are you ready for some ugly pictures?? I am currently on day 9 of an Instagram challenge called #12daysofminimalism. It’s pretty simple–on day 1, clean out 1 item, on day 2, 2 items, and so forth. So far I’ve learned that just because you have a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean the rest of your life is not cluttered. Like ugh. Here’s what I’ve cleaned out so far.

Day 1: Cinnamon broom. This one was an easy choice (and compostable). Old holiday decor, dead plants, etc are one easy place to unclutter (and we always have dead plants–we are firmly in denial of how many plants we have killed over here).

why did I let this live here 6 weeks past halloween

Day 2-5: the bathroom. “Clean out the bathroom cabinet,” I said. “It will take one day,” I said. Wrong. Wrong. WRONG. I am a jewelry and “products that didn’t work for me” hoarder, as it turns out. 

Earring back graveyard!

Days 6-8: I tackled the closet and the bookshelf. We definitely gave away more than 8 books–sold them to the bookstore downtown (I love having credit for new books). And as a reward for decluttering, I cleaned up my bathroom counter area. It’s so clean now! I can’t stop looking!

I think up next I will move to the kitchen and front coat closet (shudders). 

I definitely recommend this as an end-of-the-semester winddown (it pairs well with wine, btw). 

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