A budget-friendly academic conference suit

I’m popping in with a random budget find: a $55 women’s suit that is perfect for summer.

The suit in question is from Uniqlo, and it’s labeled as a jersey fabric. It’s from their “U” collection, which is supposed to be…cooler? more upscale? I don’t really know, but it’s my favorite of their brands to look for secondhand!



It comes in beige, dark green, and gray. The pants are a straight-leg cut with a 30-inch inseam (you can order Uniqlo pants tailored!).

The jacket is slightly artsy in that it’s oversized and the buttons overlap off to the side. The fabric is textured and light-feeling so I’m excited to wear it to my summer academic conference!

A final word on sizing: I picked a medium in jacket and a 6 in the pants. I am returning the pants for a size 8. The pants “fit” in a 6 but they don’t lay as nicely as they could, so I may have to buy a size up and then tailor the waist. For the original price tag tailoring is well worth it and will probably make the suit look a bit fancier!

Let me know if you get it–or if you have anywhere else you like to look for suits on a budget, so we can help our grad student friends preparing for the academic job market!

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3 thoughts on “A budget-friendly academic conference suit”

  1. Fully agree that Uniqlo U is the best of the Uniqlo lines! I haven’t seen this suit, but love the look of the offset fastenings. Are the left and right sides the same width (so they look even when the jacket is open)?


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