In search of eco-conscious watches: Nordgreen Women’s Watch Review

I have been testing out a Nordgreen ladies watch for about 2 weeks now and am here to give you my thoughts. Nordgreen has a lot of eco-friendly credentials and corporate social responsibility accolades to choose from, but of course, there are also basic questions to consider about the quality, fit, and style of their watches. Here’s what I think so far!

Nordgreen gifted me this watch, the Native 3-link style. But, all thoughts are my own. I was excited to try this watch because I’ve been interested in a more substantial/boyfriend-style watch, and my other watch is gold, so I thought silver would be a good way to mix up my work outfits. I was also attracted to the navy watch face, which I think is a bit unexpected (if you want to have even more fun, they also have a lime green option!).

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In terms of how the watch wears, it is surprisingly light feeling. It hasn’t bothered me in any way, even with all the typing I do. It also doesn’t tick, which is a win in my book because I spend a lot of time thinking in silence/despair about what to say in the next paragraph of the word doc.

It’s also easy to read, the tick marks are big enough, but there are no numbers as you can see, so if that bothers you I would pick another style. I always wear a watch to teach (hint: watches are nice grad school graduation gifts) because it allows me to monitor the time throughout class. Classroom clocks are notoriously unreliable–never updated for Daylight Saving, totally missing, or once I even taught in a classroom where the clock stalled for five seconds and then rapidly advanced forward like 10 seconds, and was always at least 15 minutes off. And you can’t ask students the time, they’ll just say class is over!

I did have to go to my local jeweler to get 2 links removed (I ordered the 36 mm size), so it arrived quite loose for my size. But this costs about $10, so not too bad.

Of course, if you’re browsing a site like Nordgreen, you’re probably looking for a nice watch that is also nice for the planet. One question I came across in my research is where Nordgreen makes their watches. The watches are designed in Denmark and assembled in a factory in China (more info about their supply chain here).

Nordgreen also gives back in many ways, including to programs like Water for Good (providing clean water in Central African Republic), Cool Earth (rain forest preservation), and Pratham UK (education NGO in India).

Overall, I’ve been pleased with how the watch looks on. I thought the navy dial might throw me off/be hard to match but it really hasn’t, and it goes with my new silver mood. I think this brand is a smart choice if you’re looking for a watch upgrade for your office style that is also a B Corp!

But I’ll keep you posted as I continue to wear it 🙂

My promo code REBPHD will get you 15% off your order!

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