The realistic, comfy, walkable business casual shoe round up for 2022

With the state of technology in the world you think we would have solved comfortable and stylish women’s shoes by now, but it appears we have not. Is it too much to ask that I want support, a low or no-heel style, and something that looks professional, all while being age-appropriate for a 20- or 30- something? Apparently so. But here’s what I’ve got that I endorse for your office and conference wear in 2022.


Boots are a good category for regular women’s office shoes and academic conference wear, because many conferences happen in the winter anyway, and chunky boots are in, so we have a decent shot at walkability and comfort in this category.

I personally have imposed a “this boot better we waterproof” rule when buying them because if I’m wearing a boot it might as well be cold weather appropriate? So here are a couple of options I really love:

The old standby (always waterproof, often on sale at Nordstrom, some trendier colors)

Easiest to find on sale (I got a white pair of these this year and love them for a pop of brightness with my often dark professional clothes)

Investment (I have to put these on here because I found them on end-of-season sale for $100. They highly walkable, often on sale at the end of the season, leather, and waterproof, HOW)


This is the tough category. But ballet flats are back, and a square toe is back, so we’re likely to find a few practical options

A supportive loafer (at least we can rely on loafers right now! I have these from last season and can walk forever in them)

Snappy with a point toe These are so gorgeous in several interesting textures! I just tried them and can now recommend sizing up!

Fun colors (I have recently fallen in love with Camper and am watching for sales)

The work sneakers

Hear me out. If it’s good enough for the street style crowd and you’re in a casual workplace, why not pick some cool sneakers? I even saw women wearing cool sneakers with suits at the last conference I was at and I instantly wanted to be them.

White leather (always a classy option, I’ve been wearing mine for 2 years at this point and they still look great)

Fun (as I said last week, I’ve been embracing the statement sneaker as a fun contrast so I’ve been wearing my blue and red pair to work weekly)

Have you found the PERFECT work shoes recently? Please share. It’s a lifelong quest.

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2 thoughts on “The realistic, comfy, walkable business casual shoe round up for 2022”

  1. Thank you for the post !
    a rule I picked this year – not to wear anything skinny with chunky heels.
    I am a fan of comfy shoes and struggle withe the same issues…


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