What’s in my work bag!

What do you bring to work every day? Here’s what I bring with me to campus on teaching days, if you are ever wondering what to pack for grad school or professor life!

Tech and tools:

We all need a few tech tools to do our jobs, but I keep it pretty simple by bringing my laptop and an HDMI converter for teaching. Shrugs.

I also bring my bullet journal (this is my favorite) which holds my weekly to-do list. And these pens! Absolutely love them because they don’t smear. I also pack these headphones (I am not an airpods person, and for $25 why would I switch hahah).

Staying alive:

Staying alive is my basic teaching day goal. It takes an embarrassing amount of stuff–

-headache, stomach, and allergy medicine

-water bottle (I just got this one and love how long it keeps ice, plus I often use it for a coffee refill on campus)

-lunch (I stock these easy meals and instant rice in my office drawers)


I don’t carry a lot of makeup with me these days but I tend to have one of these lipsticks stashed in case I look dead on a Zoom call. I used to carry a blush touch up stick too but since I switched to the most aggressive blush of all time it’s no longer an issue. Finally, I always have deodorant in my desk drawer!

The bags featured in this post are the Madewell Transport Tote and the Everlane Form Bag (no longer available but on a lot of secondhand sites!).

What do you carry with you to work?

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One thought on “What’s in my work bag!”

  1. Oh, I like seeing what other people carry around (and I’m always amazed when people get around school without a bag at all). Many similar items for me: tablet/charger, headphones, pens, sticky notes, planner, notebook with teaching/class notes, notebook for other research/reading notes, book to read when I have a few minutes, ibuprofen, hair ties and bobby pins, gloves, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks. All stuffed into my backpack.


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