Do you ever do a dress rehearsal?

The other day on Instagram I asked if anyone else gets seasonal amnesia–meaning you totally forget what to wear when the weather changes, even though surely it’s been 60 degrees at some other point in your life before this and you managed to get dressed then. I decided to try something new this season and tried on all my fall outfits at once, just as a refresher. Here’s what I came up with.

This outfit is dedicated to Gilmore Girls rewatch fall:

I found this vintage faux leather jacket thing at a vintage market last spring, marked down to $20 because it was already 80 degrees out. So it’s been a pleasant surprise to see a bunch of styling inspo for leather shirt jackets/bomber jackets this fall! Some of it is on the runways but we can’t forget who originally wore it best:

But for some balance here’s a bunch of other Lorelai outfits you’re probably forgetting.

Anyway, it’s a bit too hot for this layer still so I ended up trying on all my blazers with this combo instead. I was surprised to find I liked the minty blazer best:

Blazer (similar)

Faux leather jacket (similar)

Mockneck (similar)

Silk skirt (similar)


Next up I tried to fall-ify this cream dress I just got from ThredUp:

It is from COS originally and I like that it’s a bit weird and oversized! For October I decided loafers and playing up the neutrals was the best route (here’s my bag secondhand). I’m not sure I like this outfit? That’s the fun of dress rehearsal. I’m going to try it with these boots next (screaming! just grabbed them on sale!).

Straight leg jeans are still confusing to me so I tried pairing mine with a cropped blazer:

I was surprised by how much I liked this one, even though my brain kept yelling “how about some SKINNY JEANS?!”

Blazer (20% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)




This is me practicing “fancy art opening”:

Because my husband still likes to announce to me that we are going to see some art with like…12 hours notice, which sends me into a closet-destroying panic. But this? This is just weird enough 🙂




Boots (similar, or here’s an under $100 pair)

Next I tried on my acid washed vintage jeans again:

Again this is a combo that made me say “ehhh” when I tried it on, until I was totally done with the outfit. Which brings me to: always! try shoes on! before abandoning the outfit! I usually give up too soon.

Sweater (20% off with code PHDINCLOTHES)

Pants (similar)



Finally let’s end with some good old fashioned teacher style:

The plisse dress is back with some more classroom-appropriate layers!

Blazer (similar)


I’m excited to have some outfits ready to go to reduce getting ready stress! Have you tried a new season dress rehearsal? 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Do you ever do a dress rehearsal?”

  1. cool autumn outifts, love the Lorelai tribute with the first one! I’ve been rewatching GG and the first 2-3 seasons have awesome outfit inspo (omg all the dreamy coats). And yes, I do a dress rehearsal when packing for a trip/conference. It really helps not overpacking while still having cute versatile outfit options. I don’t know how it was on your part, but this always leaves my closet and surrounding area a total mess 😅


  2. I love all these outfits! Lorelai is definitely a style icon, especially with the return of straight-leg/bootcut jeans.


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