Help us find tops to wear under a suit!

Finding the right shirt to wear under a blazer or suit can be tricky, and was a source of stress when I was on the academic job market. A reader recently requested I do an updated round up–just in time for conference and interview season! Here are a few women’s tops that are perfectly unfussy under a blazer, and I would love to hear your recommendations!

No buttons!

Buttons are stressful. They can pop open. I personally try to avoid them when wearing a suit–keeping the shirt tucked in is enough to keep track of. Here are some nice options–the first option almost has the look of a button down because of the draping, and I picked 2 because I think the texture would really pop if you had a gray suit! 1/2/3/4


Now that I’ve complained about keeping shirts tucked in, let’s get rid of that problem immediately with a bodysuit. I think the subtle sheen of the Gap one (top left) could be particularly nice with a suit (comes in tall and petite sizes too!): 1/2/3/4

Pop of color

If I wear black I tend to look pretty pale and tired, so it’s important to me that I find a blouse that brings a bit more energy during a job interview. The Target mockneck in particular (top left) is soft, widely available for night-before-interview panic, and comes in many colors: 1/2/3/4

There you have it! Got any more recommendations for us?

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2 thoughts on “Help us find tops to wear under a suit!”

  1. What a great roundup! One more thing I think about when looking for under-blazer tops is “will I still feel professional if I have to take my jacket off?” I usually wear suits to client meetings and guys will almost always take their jackets off as the meeting goes on, so I want to match the general vibe. Or if it’s really hot, you don’t want to get stuck roasting/sweating through your jacket because your top is spaghetti straps or your bra would show or something.


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