Holiday outfits that aren’t sparkly

Every year I struggle with holiday dressing on my own terms and for the holiday things I actually do (less large parties, more Law & Order marathons and hiking). Here are my holiday outfits this year, if you are also looking for some sequin-less styles.


One-color outfits always feel kinda luxe to me anyway so this year I went full evergreen and added a pop with metallic loafers. This outfit felt the most on-the-nose christmas that I’ll ever go (full-on holiday sweater wearers are yelling at me through the screen maybe). It was perfect for a chilly night happy hour!

I did rent a few items this month for some holiday dressing fun so you’ll see those items noted–if you want to try Rent the Runway you can get 40% off your first month here.

Sweater (rented, similar)



Animal print

Look I know brown isn’t the most festive but give me a fuzzy sweater and a slip dress and I’m pretty dang happy. And the boots are flat?!? So if I really have to stand around at some cocktail party I could. But once again, this is a happy hour outfit. Those high school friends aren’t gonna reunite themselves, y’all!


Dress (rented, similar)

Boots (mine were deep clearance Aquatalia, here’s a similar waterproof pair)

Just a touch of holiday glam

I only had one very specific shoe on my list for winter this year–a shiny, square toed, burgundy boot. When you conjure up such a specific wish in your head it can take quite a while to find but I lucked out and found this pair for $10 on Poshmark!!! (They’re from Aldo). I don’t have a lot of shiny stuff in my closet and they add just the right weirdness to my most basic outfits, I think!

This would be a good one for if you’re still in the office for a few more days, maybe throw on a black blazer!



Boots (similar)

Midi dress

Midi dresses are also a holiday fave for me, because my arms are always cold so I love any long sleeve situation. Remember the bodycon dresses of the 2010s? I’d like to think the column sweater dress is the far more practical version.

Dress (rented, similar)

Boots (similar)

There you have it. No need to buy any extra velvet or sequins for me! If you liked this series here’s what I wore last year and the year before!

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