Holiday outfits for the bling-averse

Holiday outfits for women seem to skew sequined, glittery, or all green and red, but none of those things really feel like me. I love dressing up for parties and getting fancy clothes out of my closet, though! Recently, I have started a holiday wardrobe capsule–the same few pieces that can be worn over and over again for all the Christmas and New Years parties. Here’s what I’m planning to wear this year, if you’re also looking for non-cheesy holiday outfits!

Everlane Go Weave Wrap Dress

First I must say I totally respect you if you go all out for the holidays. My mom owns every Santa earring, light up necklace, and spirited sweater available and for her that’s what Christmas dressing is. For me, I just want to wear something that feels slightly fancier than my normal stuff. I like to subtly work in holiday patterns and colors, like…

Glitter and metallics

Everlane GoWeave Wrap Dress

Gold heels are definitely enough bling for me. And if I’m gonna pick any color to wear, it’s going to be a jewel tone. No, I don’t care what the colors of the season are. This purple is my favorite and I am ready to break it out for holiday work parties and other fancy events.

Dress: Everlane GoWeave Sleeveless Wrap Dress

Shoes: Steve Madden

Red and green (?)

Using red and green in a way that isn't cheesy during the holidays means using the colors sparingly.

I don’t own a lot of red and green (unless you count olive) the rest of the year, so it’s safer for me to stick with neutrals and then have one or two holiday accessories. This purse is actually a beloved spring accessory but it works for the holidays. I tried it with some winter neutrals.

Sweater: Thrifted (Similar, or in a v neck)

Skirt: Thrifted (Similar)

Purse: Thrifted (am I a broken record?? Similar)


Velvet holiday outfit ideas that aren't cheesy

I’ve seen some really fun outfits with velvet and plaid mixed together but velvet all by itself is more of my pace. I bought this Madewell top off Poshmark a couple years ago when I realized I didn’t own many “going out tops.” I need something every year for Christmas karaoke and this is perfect!

Other holiday going out tops: Velvet/Mockneck/Ethically made (And on my list for sure! $30 off code here!)


I’m not “cool” enough for leather, but with a cozy sweater it doesn’t feel quite as edgy. Plus, finding a skirt that feels long enough keeps this outfit flexible beyond going out.

Leather skirt: Thrifted (into this Poshmark option)

Sweater: Thrifted (similar, more colors)

Boots: Pikolinos

To save my sanity even more during the holidays, I keep most of my Christmas outfits at my parents house! I know I’ll be there every year and I know my holiday clothes will be there every year which makes it easy (it is also very helpful to leave a pair of black tights there–otherwise I end up in this oh-no-it’s-Christmas-eve-and-I-have-no-tights conundrum). What are you wearing? Do you wear the same things every year or buy new holiday outfits?

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