What I wore this week

It’s finals week! Here’s what I wore, plus a mini Rent-the-Runway unlimited review.

Hello and welcome to the end of 2021 teaching, which was somehow more exhausting than 2020 teaching, and oh boy am I happy to be here plotting my winter break of reading for fun and sewing projects.

But! I still had to get dressed, one more time. Here’s what I wore.

In a moment of feeling sorry for myself for taking on major academic service I treated myself to a Rent The Runway plan during Black Friday sales. I have wanted to try this for a while: you get 4 items to rent at a time and can swap them out once a month. The promo price is $80 but if I like it after 2 months it goes up to about $130.

Tbh, I sometimes spend more money on that than clothes in a month. Woops. So I thought cutting myself off from buying stuff for a couple months might lend some style clarity.

So, may I present the best of the first rentals: this cinched Tibi blazer, which retails for many hundreds of dollars (unfortunately I’m now in love with it). What did I learn? I like an oversized blazer, and even like it made more dramatic with wide leg jeans and pointy flats!

I also tried these plaid pants, which were horrendously uncomfortable. The highs are high but the lows are low when renting!!! At least coworkers liked the cool stripe on these pants, which I wore with what is randomly my new favorite t shirt and chunky sneakers.

I also rented this slip skirt, which I wore twice, despite some quality/fit issues. I had been wondering if a slip skirt would serve me well in my closet and I can now confirm it would–but I’m considering a different neutral so that I can make chic monochrome outfits with my sweaters (I don’t have a big black sweater). My current ideas are gray or camel. Thoughts?!

Also if all this Rent the Runway talk intrigues you you can get 40% your first month of rentals here.

At the end of the week I went back to wearing my regular old wardrobe with a cropped cardigan (similar), stretchy jeans and my favorite loafers.

Friday I wore my new thrifted blazer, which has some big super villain energy to it. It’s also from Tibi, I’ve recently realized that “designer” items tend to have longer sleeves and are therefore tall friendly. Lately I’ve been browsing Tibi and Rebecca Minkoff blazers on Poshmark for steep discounts.

That’s all for the week! It’s time to pour an end-of-the-semester glass of wine and chill out! 🙂

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