What I wore this week

Or, what I wore recently, because time is made up during finals week.

Hello and welcome to the end of 2021…what?! Here’s what I’ve worn recently.

As far as I’m concerned this is matching sweats, upgraded. And matching sweaters are already such a look in 2021 (remember when they were all tie-dye in 2020? times change fast). Anyway, I wore my all day set (a beloved faux jumpsuit) with sneakers and a big cardigan to start the week. I felt great in this one! It was so simple yet pulled together for fighting everyone in line at the post office.

It’s been unseasonably warm here but it’s finally tolerable to wear a blazer all day so I jumped right in and wore 2 favorites to teach last week! This was a mix of neutrals I wasn’t quite sure about but it relied on my new favorite color theory which is that you should mix all dark tones with one light tone or vice versa. Try it, it usually works!




Ok let me introduce you to my new holy grail blazer. It’s not photographing with much detail here but it is PERFECT EQUESTRIAN DIVINENESS and I’ve been searching for it on poshmark for like a year. It’s the Theory cinched blazer and the cut is just sooo nice and lean. I sized up one in this. Go find it, we can twin. I paired it with only the chillest (read: stretchy) jeans and flats.

I went for a monochrome moment for my last day of in-person teaching (cries! It’s been so fun teaching in person again this semester). This dress is from a successful clothing swap with Elyse, who is running awesome personal style coaching! But this years version is pretty fantastic also.

A few weeks ago on Instagram I asked y’all where to find a shirt like this and someone said Lilla P. I have loved it even more than I thought I would! The longer sleeve and slim cut balance out a surprising amount of outfits, especially with a voluminous pair of pants or skirt. My skirt is an old secondhand find from Madewell and every time I wear it I reflect on intuitive shopping–this was one of those moments of “aha! That’s exactly what I need!” and I wish everything in my closet was that simple!

My flats have been on my do-I-keep-do-I-not list. I appreciated the pop of color here, plus I added these earrings.

That’s all, happy grading week!

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2 thoughts on “What I wore this week”

  1. I’m a resource teacher and like you I like to look professional, but my clothes have to withstand glue stick, paint and play doh. Your outfit inspirations are so helpful.


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