What’s on your back to school list?

The office is calling! In person classes are calling! What are you going to wear?

While strolling through Target last week I saw several employees setting up the back to school section…which seemed entirely too soon. But then I realized next week is July and things are going on my August calendar already and then I started thinking about what I actually want to wear back to the office and now here we are 🙂

A white blazer

I have many a blazer at this point in my life, but most are in fall-friendly tans and browns. I have had a white blazer on my thrift list for a while–sometimes an outfit just doesn’t feel done without one. But my last white blazer was lined and undoubtably polyester, which made it hard to reach for in the summer. The solution was this Theory blazer (obviously thrifted, do you think I would ever pay that price!) which is unlined in the sleeves for more air flow. Genius, I say!

A tee dress

Midi dresses with sleeves seem hard to come by this summer, but I do like a short sleeve on them when I wear them to work (this varies by office I imagine). Even better if they have waist definition! This drawstring dress has been on repeat since I started going back to work, so much so that I just thrifted an additional tee dress from COS.


I’ll spare you the details but I’m dealing with a toe nail situation that means I can’t put polish on one toe, which is silly looking! So I’m looking for breathable summer shoes that cover my toes and it’s totally espadrilles to the rescue time! I can’t wait to pair them with dress pants and a crisp button up for french lady vibes.

One good belt

The last thing I bought for back to school was one good belt that sits at the waist. I have many shirt dresses and I think it will change up the look (versus fabric belts) and it’s nice to have an accessory that doesn’t add any warmth in August!

So, this belt: it’s expensiveeeee by my standards. Using StyleBook has really helped me to consider cost-per-wear of my clothes. Jeans, belts, and shoes tend to end up being the “cheapest” when I break them down by how many times they get worn. Fancy dresses and skirts do the worst. This has changed my perspective and encouraged me to buy exactly what I want out of workhorse basics.

Another thing that’s really helped is ShopStyle–you have to make an account, but you can favorite items and ShopStyle will send you an email when they go on sale. If you ever see me rocking something over $100, I probably waited diligently for a shopstyle notification to get it.

Anyway, that’s what’s on my list. What about you??

2 thoughts on “What’s on your back to school list?”

  1. August is still 10 years away, right?? But really, wide leg pants. That’s what I’m buying and wearing right now! I think they will be good for the classroom. I also spent more than I usually do for a Sezane blazer. Excited to teach in person in the fall!


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