What I wore this week

Here’s some professor outfits for summer! Also, tell me if these shoes are cute-ugly, or just ugly?!?

Hello! I spent the week at my parents house and am behind on mirror selfies, but here are some random outfits from the end of June!

What I wore: A navy dress and slip on sneakers.

What I thought of this outfit: I’ve had the should-I-shouldn’t-I keep this dress debate in my head multiple times. It’s a tad shorter than my usual work dress, but the cut is so effortless and it’s a blue I actually like (no dusty colors! this is a nice clear blue versus a lot of navy). This summer I’ve grabbed it almost every time I’ve gone to campus so I’m trying to release myself from the”should I keep this” debate and just wear it.

Oh, and slip on sneakers. I have very few shoes that just slip on (and even fewer that are backless) so these have filled a great wardrobe gap!

What I wore: An old shirtdress and espadrilles.

What I thought of this outfit: Low bun hairstyle for president now that it’s over 100 every day. I recently got one of those 90s style claw clips too and have used it soooo much already. This outfit is exactly what I want: thoughtful items so that I don’t have to think when I put them together.

What I wore: A thrifted tee (more retro colors here), flowy shorts and flats.

What I thought about this outfit: Meh? I don’t know why. Maybe I needed a different shoe.

What I wore: A square neck tank, cut off shorts, and sandals.

What I thought of this outfit: I wore this on a Sunday and I rarely feel put together on weekends but I DID! I highly recommend a vintage picnicky purse for such purposes.

On a semi related note I’ve been eyeing these sneakers and I finally got the chance to try them on last week. They felt HUGE–they have a really chunky sole–but they were also soooo light and comfy and the sales associate insisted they looked cool and now that I’m looking at pictures they don’t look that clunky? Are they cool or ugly?!?

Ok, that’s all. Have a good week!

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