The back to the office cheat sheet: Outfits with skirts

I love a good midi skirt but I just couldn’t bring myself to work from home in them. Here are 3 easy summer and fall midi skirt outfit ideas for returning to the office in 2021! Do you need outfit ideas for skirts? Maybe not. Do I instantly forget outfits I like when it’s time to make a decision? Yes, of course. Here we go!

Midi skirts are the perfect combination of polished and cool for hot weather, and I wore at least one a week…in 2019. But then 2020 happened and it turned out that bike shorts were the stay at home MVP of choice. Here are a few combos I am trying as I get reacquainted with my work closet…

Floral skirt:

A floral skirt ($30 off here!) just becomes an easy game of match the colors for me. I purchased this skirt during lockdown because I just couldn’t get over the matching options: the skirt has cream, white, black, and yellow (meaning it matches colors with the same saturation level like teal and navy also!).

I kept it super simple by picking up the neutrals here. I can’t wait to wear this during the first week of school!

Light neutrals:

I loooove this white midi skirt, I found it on Poshmark 4-5 years ago and it just feels so well made and like nothing else I’ve seen in a while (it’s from Madewell if you’re thrifting!). I decided to keep it nice and neutral with some summer vibes with a white tank and tan blazer. Some of my fave fashion bloggers put tan and white together all the time yet I rarely think of it! (This is why I take pictures of my outfits now so I don’t forget later!).

Outfit details: Blazer, tank, and skirt are secondhand. Flats here.

Black and white:

This outfit feels like a very comic book scheme to me but I think it was actually influenced by this stylish person I was in a couple grad school classes with, who had an unlimited supply of brightly colored shoes that she always wore with all black. It was very curator-chic. I am very committed to my neutrals but having a couple pairs of colorful shoes is a nice boost to my otherwise simple outfits.

Outfit details: Sweater tee (Madewell), skirt (Everlane) and purse (Madewell) all secondhand, shoes here.

What else are you looking forward to wearing again? I’m thinking blazers are next??

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