What I wore this week

Enjoying adding pops of color to my minimalist wardrobe, and what I wear to ~~trendy~~ events.

I wore this outfit for a casual work from home day. The unbuttoned from the bottom look at the red flats made it feel slightly more interesting. Interesting is what I’m going for these days (baby steps, ok?).

Top (gifted)

Pants (secondhand)


I wore this outfit for a thesis defense, just to feel slightly faculty-like. I just thrifted this blazer on Poshmark, which is always a gamble, but the length is just what I hoped for (always ask for measurements!). I am slightly thrown off by the size of the lapels but am not sure if that’s all in my head? I’m trying to style the blazer a few more times to get a feel for it.

Blazer (secondhand)

Tank ($25 off with code REBECCA25)


Hah, some days I’m just in a mood to dress a little weird lately. That’s what this is. I have no idea if it’s allowed, the vibe of the bandana and the shoes didn’t super match to me, but I’m just going with it. Putting contrasting styles together is hard for me so it’s best to just walk out the door when it happens.

Tank and skirt secondhand and old!



Thanks to you all for voting in my instagram stories, I wore this to a gallery art show opening. My initial thought with this outfit would be to pick black shoes, so thanks for pushing me out of my comfort zone, insta-friends!

Top (secondhand, similar)


This outfit was made up of pieces that you all didn’t pick for the gallery opening, but when I tried it on I liked the vibe so much I wore it to work the next day and felt pretty fabulous.

Top (gifted)

Now realizing I wore these EF pants three times this week, they’re that good

Flats (similar)

That’s all for the week!

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