The back to the office cheat sheet: Outfits with white pants

What are you wearing back to work in 2021? Coming up with business casual work outfits again is a challenge now that work from home is ending for me. I feel out of ideas and unsure about how to style my basics or what business clothes to upgrade. So I’ve started by making a cheat sheet of how to style some of my favorite pieces to avoid morning getting-dressed brain fog. Today: white pants.

White pants are super versatile, obviously, so I feel like I can bookend them with whatever accessories I want. The first style I gravitated toward here was my favorite summer accent color, red. I have a hard time with summer dressing because I like jewel tones best and they tend to get associated with fall/winter, so ruby red is my summer jewel tone choice!

I picked brown accessories here so that I can also stretch white pants season into fall.

Sweater tee (Get $25 off with code REBECCA25)



Bag (mine is old, search “paint stripe” and Madewell on Poshmark to find it!)

The first outfit jogged my memory about tan and white being a great combo, obviously 🙂 I see a bunch of inspo for wearing lighter tan with white all over Pinterest, but tan tends to wash me out, so I went for this warmer caramel color instead. I found this amazing stretchy bodysuit at a boutique in Denver so I sadly don’t have a link, but bodysuits under blazers is my new favorite no-fuss summer style!

Blazer (all my H&M blazers are from Poshmark! They are everywhere secondhand!)

Flats (so nice I bought them twice as you can see haha)

Here, I tried to pick up colors in this plaid blazer–there’s a subtle light blue stripe in there–and used it to guide both the tank top and the shoes. I was surprised by how much I like this outfit because I’m very timid about patterns for absolutely no reason.

Blazer (similar)


Last, I’ve been loving this tie waist top because it means I don’t have to tuck anything in to have some shape to my outfit. I wasn’t so sure about it with the more voluminous pant but I think it works! This is the joy of trying outfits on and actually taking pictures. I tend to give up on outfits right away before I’ve even tried any shoes…these days I try to force myself to fully accessorize and take a step back in the mirror before I make any decisions. Half the time outfits just need a belt or a half tucked in shirt to work out.

Tee (similar)



There you have it! What basics should I style next?

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