What I wore this week

She’s back in the office!

I am back in the office every once in a while and enjoying the flexibility. But it’s also super, super hot out and I’m reminded every day of how unprepared my summer business closet is. For now, I’m trying to spend some time noticing missing pieces and just working with what I have. So I started the week with an easy wrap dress and some sandals, which I immediately took off and swapped out for sneakers because I can no longer deal with shoes that are even slightly uncomfortable….Do I get rid of all my block heels now? Will I have regrets later?

This outfit features a thrifted mockneck (they are in abundance at thrift stores!) and the best secondhand pants ever. Eileen Fisher still makes these–they are called the Georgette ankle pant and they are 100% silk and I can’t believe a pant can be so cool for the summer! Before I got more into ethical fashion I didn’t know that silk came in a non-shiny version. I really like this type of silk (is there even a name for it??) and find it far less delicate for everyday wear. The pants are so good I just bought a second pair on Poshmark in black…now I have 2 pairs of pants I can wear in 100 degree heat. Which is a miracle.

Ooooh now office dressing is getting interesting. If I had to pick one outfit combo to wear in the summer it would be a bodysuit and pull on shorts, but wide leg pants are a close second. I put my favorite flats on for this but sadly they were not as comfy as I remember…is it time for me to just do a shoe clean out? Ugh. But shout out to this belt for pulling every outfit together.

We had a little department photoshoot this week to update our website photos, and it was so nice to see other people at the office! I picked this red short sleeve sweater (see more Brass reviews here if you want!) because red is a nice color to make you pop in photos (or so I have read) and some really old Loft dress pants and flats.

Best for last: this is vacation workwear, aka workwear I can’t really wear to work, but that’s the fun of work from home. I found this bodysuit in a Denver shop last week and look forward to pairing it with this blazer and white pants in the fall. But for now, draping the jacket (which is old H&M and available widely on Poshmark!) over the back of the chair and grabbing it for Zoom calls was just enough. I wore it with these tailored shorts.

Those are my outfits for the week! Have you found any go-to summer dressing combos yet? I might make a cheat sheet to make getting dressed faster!

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One thought on “What I wore this week”

  1. I looooove that last look! The colors are so good! I’m with ya on the uncomfortable shoes thing. I’ve been slowly going through mine and just ordered a bunch of new pairs to try and hopefully add to the mix. I’m also trying to remind myself that maybe my feet just need to get used to certain pairs of shoes again after not wearing them for over a year??? Hahaha.


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