My quest to get better at summer clothes

One of my style goals this year is to embrace summer clothes. I feel like I hear from plenty of friends who agree with me that fall dressing is best–the layers make it easy to feel fashionable! But summer? It’s hard to get more creative than a tank top and shorts when it’s 100 degrees out. And yet, I now live somewhere where summer stays for 5 months of the year. So let’s think of warmer temperatures today and do some virtual shopping together!

When I started to think about why I don’t like summer dressing I identified a few gripes:

-it’s hard to wear a “third piece” to feel put together

-I feel uncomfortable in “revealing” clothing so many shorts specifically make me feel vulnerable in public

-the “shoulds” of summer dressing online are overwhelming. I mean, where do all these Pinterest creators live that they’re wearing light jeans all summer, open knit sweaters, and skirts with sweatshirts? No seriously I’m asking so I can move there.

Looking back at my closet from last summer, I realize that because I’ve decided I don’t like summer dressing I try to spend as little time as possible on it. Like with shorts. I had exactly one pair of shorts when we moved here, and last summer, I only caved and added 2-3 more pairs when the situation was dire (July!!). As a result, I didn’t take the time to find shorts I liked, and I ended up with jean shorts that I thought I should like (see: Pinterest pressure) but I was really uncomfortable, which makes it harder to look forward to summer clothes again this year.

In an effort to get more into summer dressing this year, I’ve decided to make a wishlist of summer clothes I really would like to wear, so that I can shop for them slowly and only pick up clothes I’m excited for. The first thing I did to form this wishlist was some Pinterest browsing, paying attention to items I have pinned over an over again. Here’s my short wishlist of summer items I hope make me comfortable and cool this year!

Paperbag shorts: I texted my group text last week and said “will you still be my friend if I look like a Girl Scout all summer?” They were ambivalent yet supportive of my desire to buy allll the long paperbag shorts available this year. I’m so happy long inseams are here and I also love a loose leg. Also? This might be the year I just stop wearing “real” denim shorts. If it doesn’t have an elastic waist I don’t want it (this is where I begin my stream of telling you how much I love these Athleta shorts incessantly for 5 months).

-Simple but fun tops: I really like interesting necklines, according to Pinterest, where I have pinned a square neck tank top exactly like this one no less than 4 times. I also have a sudden need for one shoulder tops (fun fact if I’m your bridesmaid and this style is available for our dresses I always pick it). Another thing I’ve realized is that for ease I really love a shelf bra (thanks quarantine) so I’m specifically looking for these two styles with some built in support! (If you have any leads on the one shoulder style let me know, I think I might just have to buy an actual workout top?).

-Minimalist sandals: I wear sandals every single day, but last year I limited the number of pairs I had because a capsule wardrobe should only have a few of each style, right? I am accepting that this is a made up rule and I’m pretty sure I can own 5 pairs of sandals and still wear the heck out of all of them. Specifically I’ve been wanting a strappy pair for a while because I want a flat shoe that is still kind of dressy/fun for summer weddings. I also mayyyybe want another outdoorsy pair and am considering these Tevas or Birks. Please weigh in!

-A shirt dress: T shirt dress or tailored shirt dress? I love both but have really been missing a simple tee dress with sleeves. I used to buy a new one from Old Navy every year but am now considering this one.

-White/beige tailored pants: Breathable light colored pants for summer has been on my wishlist for several years, but finding this trendy shape in a long inseam is so tough. I don’t even have a link for you, I’m just putting it out into the universe.

That’s my list for now. What’s on yours??

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8 thoughts on “My quest to get better at summer clothes”

  1. I live in a hot climate, too! I like a linen/tencel blend (100% linen wrinkles too easily for me) or cotton, and I go for “happier” colors and prints since there is no layering to make it visually interesting. I have found nice pieces at Thought Clothing, the Canadian brand Cokluch, an Aussie brand called Obus, and a NYC label called Vesta.


  2. It’s almost always hot here so I have cover ups I wear over my plain tank tops. They are usually a little shear, thin, loose, and comfortable. They are so much fun and gives me protection from being scorched by the sun.

    I also love oversized assymetrical shirt dresses and boxy oversized shirts with a large print. One of my go-to’s is a white denim collared shirt dress that’s just above my knee, with pockets, and cute cacti embroidery.

    Faux denim jeans and shorts that are garterized are heaven sent! I have a few pairs which are stretchy and has a mix of cotton and other materials. For more casual looks, I wear boyfriend jeans.

    For my business casual looks, I go for tailored shorts in pastels and beige, very flowy palazzo pants, and thin blazers.

    For footwear, it’s white canvas shoes for me. Some I’ve painted on. Chunky shoes are also fun for summer but I opt for breathable and lightweight ones. I drive a scooter so shoes are must haves.

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