What I wore this week

This week in professor outfits: Summer clothes try-ons! End of season clothing maintenance tips! And a review of Kotn trouser shorts and the square neck tank.

If you checked out this post you know I compiled my spring/summer wishlist already and I actually got a few items in this week that have been on that list for a while. First up, I got some longer trouser shorts and a square neck tank top from Kotn.

These shorts are LONG, right? Part of me is like “what have I done” and the other part of me kind of loves them? They feel nice and breezy and I loved worked in them all day on Monday. Kotn runs small (or so I have read) so I ordered a size 8 in these and they fit perfectly. I played around with what they would look like hemmed (below) and now I can’t decide. Shorten them or not?? Your thoughts?

I also got this square neck tank top and I am very pleased with it. It fits nicely but smoothly and it’s long enough to tuck in. This is the medium (for reference I wear a small or medium in tops depending on the brand). To me this is the ideal Spring happy hour outfit because yeah I’m that casual hahah. But the neckline is so nice!

Last new summer item: these sandals! I have wanted low key gladiator sandals since last summer and was happy to grab these on sale. This outfit is really making me happy with its simplicity-yet-interesting-details. I have been LOVING this tie-waist top (it never shows up well on camera) because it looks styled but I don’t have to bother tucking anything in. Also, it’s way past time for me to link these jeans!!! You’re going to see them a lot because they are basically the only pair I reach for when working from home because they have just the right amount of stretch.




This is my “it’s sandals weather!” face. I’ve been reaching for easy and comforting outfits for the last two weeks because the semester is approaching frantic pace and my inbox is definitely proof. So for a day of grading and trying to get up and walk around to take breaks I chose a bodysuit + loose pants. This has been a go-to work combo for me. It’s clear the themes of the week are black shirts and I hate tucking things in, right?





Aaaand then it got breezy/chilly for a couple days, which is ok because I am really savoring wearing my sweaters for the last time this season. Right after this day I actually packed most of them away in their under-the-bed box (after spraying them with this spray, which repels moths). I like doing a little closet maintenance, so I then went through my summer tank top collection and worked on removing some deodorant marks (with this stuff and a toothbrush). The spring cleaning definitely helped with stress relief. Now everything feels in order for it to hit 90 this week (cries)!


Pants (thrifted)


One more rainy day look, this time with my favorite waterproof sneakers. These are perfect if you get rain during warm months and boots feel like too much.


Scarf is old secondhand


I happily spent both weekends in hiking clothes for a couple days out in the sun (including some kayaking!). It was nice to unplug a bit. I hope you had a restful weekend, too!

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4 thoughts on “What I wore this week”

  1. I love your trouser shorts cuffed! Maybe you could add a tint button or a few tack stitches to keep them cuffed in case you ever want to wear them long again. Like hemming, but without the commitment lol

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  2. I love your trouser shorts cuffed! Maybe you could add a couple stitches on each side to keep them that way, then you still have the flexibility to wear them long again if you want. Like hemming, but without the commitment 🙂

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    1. Thank you! It’s kind of a lot of fabric when it’s rolled that many times so I am leaning toward just hemming them and still loving that they have way more length than shorts of seasons past 🙂

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  3. I think the long (regular) length of the shorts looks good with a long-sleeved tee, as you’re wearing it in the first pic, because the long lengths balance out the proportions. The shorts also look more formal with the long-sleeved tee when they’re a little longer. Then, they look better rolled up a bit with a short-sleeved tee (again, balanced proportions and balanced formal-ness). That’s my 2 cents! 🙂


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