Brass summer try-ons

It’s probably not a secret at this point that Brass makes my favorite ethical workwear and business casual clothing. With many items under $100, they’re also one of the better priced ethical fashion companies if you’re new to trying to buy from better brands. I’ve reviewed a bunch of Brass before and am back because most of my summer buys have come from them this year, too! Here are reviews and try ons of the drift knit, all day shorts, high neck shell, and all day culottes.

All Day Shorts

The all day set is my favorite for travel–the tank and pants hold up well in the wash and never wrinkle. I like it just as much with flats for work and sneakers on the weekends. So I don’t really know why it took me so long to take the plunge on the all day shorts because soft shorts are my JAM and faux rompers are my JAM and these are just the classiest shorts ever. I am wearing a size 6, my usual pant size, and they fit well. The rise is high and the waist is not elastic so they’re not my favorite to lounge around in but they’re great shorts for people who hate shorts.

The Drift Knit

I am very surprised by how often I’ve reached for the drift knit sweater. It’s an open weave and a linen blend and just perfectly unclingy for summer. I am always cold in AC so it has gone on every errand run I’ve done this month. I bought the black because I’m in a hot climate so I wanted a sweater that would transition to fall well. I got the small and am usually a size 6 in tops as well. I think a medium would have given a more beachy vibe but I like it a little closer cut for work.

And yes, I went back for the denim color. It’s that good.

All Day Culottes

You know the item is good when it turns into instant dress up hour. The wave weave fabric was my favorite last summer so I couldn’t resist buying the all day culottes this year. They have an elastic waist and pockets. They’re extremely light for sitting at a desk all day when it’s unbearably hot out. The wave weave fabric is pretty sensitive to moisture (it changes color if it gets wet) which makes me apprehensive about sweat but it also dries fast. I suspect the navy pants would be less risky in this category! I’m wearing a small in the wave weave tank and pants and wear a small in the regular all day pants as well. Also shown with the best tee.

This item is currently out of stock but last year there was a wave weave shirtdress as well. The fabric seems to come back each year so I think it’s worth noting that the dress version is also fabulous! I’m wearing a medium here and have no problems with the buttons gaping. The dress is so nice and airy for a day of errand running.

High Neck Shell

Ok, last new addition: the high neck shell! This is a Brass favorite I’ve never owned before so when I saw it on sale I snapped it up. It’s a lovely opaque shell that makes a white tank look perfectly businessy. This is the size small. I love that it’s got a slightly longer hem in the back. I think this will end up being a workhorse for me during all seasons under blazers.

It might appear that I am an unpicky person who loves everything I try on but let me assure you my mother thinks I am extremely picky and it’s really just that Brass nails it every time.

Want more Brass reviews? Here’s the master review list!

Want a little discount? If you’ve never purchased from Brass before you can get $25 off your first order by using the code REBECCA25.

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