4 things I thought about buying during Everlane’s 2 day shipping sale

Everlane has free 2 day shipping today and as a Very Impatient Person I was pretty excited to see this news. Everlane shipping is just not Amazon Prime fast! And I have had some things on my wishlist for a while and that’s how I justified falling down a browsing rabbit hole. Here are four things I added to my cart today, plus the one I finally went with…

Three things I had in my cart are things I already own and just wanted to double up on:

Clean Silk Relaxed Shirt

I don’t own this one but have a very similar Everlane silk shirt and love it. It is very understated but elegant and I think it’s due to the lack of pockets? Just a theory. I’ve also never met an olive green item of clothing I didn’t like! Also, it’s on sale for $60, which is pretty good. I ultimately decided to pass because I don’t know if silk has a big place in my closet right now. I teach somewhere where it’s really effing hot and as a result I sweat a lot. And I never end up making it to the drycleaners. Sigh. Maybe I’ll save up for the washable silk they just introduced.

Goweave Wrap Dress

I reviewed this here and dang it is a winner. I think the light blue would be a nice color to have around. However, I’ve struggled with how to layer my current wrap dress. Even putting a jacket over it feels a bit clunky due to the tie. So, as we head into layer season, I decided to pass. For now. Tomorrow my willpower may not be as good.

Cashmere V Neck

Ugh this gray color is like the funfetti of winter and I cannot get enough. I already have a sweater that looks very similar and I have worn it to pieces every year. I always wonder if having a duplicate will be helpful to me or if I will still end up favoring one item over another.

And what I actually got? More jeans!

Stretch Mid-Rise Skinny

These are the pants that got away for me. I tried them on in a thrift store once and the person I was shopping with said “wait you didn’t come in wearing those?” they fit soooo well and were so comfy but I was trying to be a good little minimalist who already had a pair of dark wash jeans so I PUT THEM BACK LIKE A FOOL. Not today, y’all. I do have another pair of dark wash jeans but they only have an 8″ rise. I can tell I am getting older because that is just not enough rise for me these days and I tend to feel exposed when I’m sitting in them, even though I am definitely not. Anyway, these are on their way to me now and I’ll report back, but I love the size range and available inseams, plus they come in a bunch of normal washes that I think I could get away with on casual fridays. I’m still a Madewell loyalist but Everlane jeans feel verrrry similar for half the price.

I’m off to go try out the thrift store bar (!!) downtown. If you have any Everlane faves you recommend during the shipping deal, please share! I only own a few items but I reach for them all at least once a week!

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4 thoughts on “4 things I thought about buying during Everlane’s 2 day shipping sale”

  1. I bought the silk shirt last week and it cane back from the cleaners this weekend. I might wear it today. I had thought it was the washable one when I bought it (I got really excited by the price because I’d been stalking it for ages) but oof. Bought the dry clean version. Oh well. It is nice. (I bought the blue and the color is fantastic.) I have two sweat undershirts from this company who’s name escapes me at the moment. But they are Lycra type shirts with extra material in the underarms to absorb sweat. Sounds weird but they work very well for me (who is a nervous sweating type). If I can remember the brand I’ll leave another comment. I do know of one woman who puts pantyliners on her blazers armpits since she wears tanks/blazers a lot. I’ve never tried that one myself.


    1. I have heard those are great! I do have sweatguards which look sort of like pantyliners hahah. They work well but it’s not ideal that they are single use…plus they sometimes leave stick residue on silk. I should probably switch to the undershirts!


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