My “faux fall 10×10”: Dressing for warm fall temperatures

When I saw that several of my instagram friends are participating in a #fauxfall10x10, it was just the challenge I needed. I’ve been feeling all the decorative gourd feelings, and the temperature has finally landed in the low 90s here. And yes, that’s what counts for Fall. The idea of this challenge is to dress for the fall you have, versus the fall you want. Then, pick 10 items and remix them to make 10 outfits over 10 days. Here are my picks:

I have:

  • 4 tops: dotted, black tee, floral tee, and a white mockneck
  • 3 bottoms: a pencil skirt, black pants, and white jeans
  • 1 floral dress
  • 1 blazer

I left shoes and accessories out of this so I could use whatever worked for the day. For fall here, I really don’t need many layers, so my goal has been to try to bring in fall colors–especially caramel-y brown. Also, black and white florals are my favorite fall thing every year so I brought those back. I’ve also had a pair of white jeans stashed in storage for the past year and recently have thought about grabbing them again, so I thought this could be their reintroduction to the rest of my clothes.

Next I went to Pinterest for inspiration. I have a “fake winter” board now where I keep ideas for winter outfits. I think it will be nice to not have to worry about short sleeves, exposed ankles, etc. Also, all of my shoes will be fair game, because of no snow! Here’s some of my recent inspiration for fall dressing:

I’ve been enjoying the thought of combining sandals with warm fall colors, by the looks of it. Here are some outfit ideas I’ve had for the challenge so far:

Adding white boots seems like a good way to act like it’s fall when it’s really not. I recently thrifted a pair.

It’s nice not having to wear tights yet, so I’ll take advantage of that to bring this fall dress toward the summer temperatures!

My black pencil skirt is another item that hasn’t gotten a lot of love lately. Doing a wardrobe challenge is a great way to flex my styling muscles and reinvest in items like this that I already have and am just a little bored with.

I am hoping the white jeans will carry me through the weekend–but I might have to revert to shorts, depending on the temperature.

I’ll start sharing my outfits when the challenge starts on October 1st. What do you think? Will you join us in dressing for fake fall? See everyone’s outfits under the Instagram tag #fauxfall10x10

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