The week in tired mirror selfies, pt. 2

Hey, sharing all my outfits from last week was pretty fun! Here’s what I wore to work this week…

Monday (above): Cladwell (amazing btw if you don’t have it yet) recommended this outfit to me. I’ve had this Loft pencil skirt for 6 years. It was my first deliberate purchase after I started a capsule wardrobe. I cleaned out my whole closet, realized my favorite colors were blues, olive, and burgundy, and identified all my wardrobe gaps. The first thing I noticed was that I had wayyy too many tops and not enough bottoms, so I went on the lookout for an olive green pencil skirt and the rest (the rest here being me very very consciously thinking (overthinking?) about what I want to buy before buying it) is history.

Anyway. The pencil skirt hasn’t gotten as much use in recent years but I’ve kept it around because of this memory. And look! It still gets along with most of my clothes, 6 years later!

Shirt: J. Crew (these are my favorite t shirts)

Skirt: Same color (hah, really couldn’t find something that was super similar, but I love this one!)

Shoes: Sam Edelman (the best flats, promise)

Tuesday: This outfit was a snowball–I wanted to wear my newish puff sleeve top with dress pants, then realized it was too warm, then my pencil skirt was wrinkled, then I put my pleated skirt on and suddenly I was channeling an 80s silhouette. No one said anything at school so maybe no one noticed? This outfit felt a little extra, but in neutrals, so that was ok.

Shirt: Banana Republic Factory

Skirt: Old Everlane, similar (if you want the exact skirt here’s a 2 and a 6 on Poshmark)

Shoes: Frye (the best flats if you want a pointed toe!)

Wednesday: I got the split neck shirt from Brass (you didn’t really think I could go a whole week without wearing Brass, did you?) and it is really good. It looks like a button up but has no buttons, so anyone who has experience button gaping before: this one’s for you! It’s on sale right now also.

Shirt: Brass (get $30 off your first purchase here)

Pants: Loft (ugh, these are my ride or die. should I just buy duplicates?)

Shoes: Thrifted (similar)

Thursday: I worked from home and went to the dermatologist, my last year of preventive care appointment, wahoo! Ok, fine, I do still need a flu shot. I was really happy I went to this appointment–having a yearly skin check for cancers is so important but always falls low on my priority list. It felt good to get it off my guilt ledger.

Shirt: Brass

Pants: Old 3.1 Philip Lim (similar)

Shoes: Rothys

Here’s what I read this week:

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