Last minute graduation dresses

Oh, graduation is next week and I haven’t looked for any commencement dress ideas for graduate students. Which means…I don’t really have “the dress” for my own graduation. I am probably just going to wear an old favorite (which I was also supposed to take to get hemmed, oops), but if you’re on the hunt for a grad school appropriate graduation dress that you can get fast, here are some options…

My main problem is that I love online shopping, but that means if I need something fast I can really end up in a pinch. So here are some options from stores that are probably in your town (I’m using the “did-we-have-this-store-in-Montana” test here…Montana does not have every trendy store!).

Target: I ended up focusing on the midi dresses at Target because they look a little fancier. Also, I think too short dresses at graduation just sound fussy and I want to be comfy under my stylin robe!

  • This polka dot dress is so cute for any summer events you have going on, and for post-graduation brunch.
  • It seems like white dresses for graduation are A Thing with the undergrads, so if you feel compelled, this delicate floral print is so cute!
  • I love wrap dresses for summer office wear and in a bright color I think that makes a good grad dress, too!
  • This sheath dress is a simple option that can be dressed up or down.

H&M: Can have some good options, but going in person makes it easier to tell what looks cool and what looks kind of cheap.

  • This dusty rose dress looks fancier than it is, imo.
  • H&M is totally knocking off some fancy Nordstrom dresses I’ve been coveting with this lace dress.
  • Or you could wear a jumpsuit to indicate you are now too cool for school.

And now, for some sensible shoe options. Because they are the only part of your outfit that people see. But 6″ heels plus bleacher steps is a stressful situation.

  • These shoes are such a cool game changer for any simple dress. I actually might get in my car today and go try them on.
  • If there is ever a day to bring back the early 2000s with wild mirror shoes, it’s graduation.
  • These are trendy and cute.
  • But let’s face it, the difference of being a grad student is that you can also say “no thx” and just wear some comfy flat shoes.

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