What I wore, what I read: End of April

This week felt like the beginning of the end (of my grad career) which means all the feelings EVER. It’s been so hard to start saying goodbye but I’m also getting the warm fuzzies. And the weather has finally been consistently warm, so I’ve been having fun getting dressed. Here’s what I wore this week and what I’ve read…

First, I broke out these coral flats from Everlane. They’re on sale for $66 right now and they’re just the pop of color my black and white wardrobe needs for spring. I wore this outfit to teach. Here’s a mini review I put in my instagram stories last week:

I wore this outfit for errands this weekend. I am going through a personal sneaker and athleisure revival because I love walking everywhere in the spring! Then, I photographed this outfit…and promptly gave this dress away. I love the pattern, but I just like dresses to be a lot longer these days for a fuss-free day. Long live midi dresses! I love this small pattern and pretty red color from Old Navy. (PS I don’t use affiliate links because who has the time…).

I wore this combo to a department awards ceremony. I’ve been trying to play more with my neutrals so I combined gray, cognac and olive, plus a gold necklace and I was into it!

Finally, I wore these pretty linen pants for the first time. I got them on Etsy and I love them! I was able to leave a note asking for a longer inseam at no extra cost, so notPerfectLinen now has my heart forever!

And here’s what I’ve read:

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