A week of outfits: Transitioning from grad school to 9-to-5

Today, my friend Sue, who graduated with her MA last year, talks about dressing for your first adult job!

Hi y’all! I’m Rebecca’s friend Sue. I just graduated and I’m back in the working world. Before I got my MA I worked at a Fortune 500 company, so I had to adjust my wardrobe for grad school (the West, a more casual vibe). I moved back to the East Coast this fall and started a new job so I had to adjust my wardrobe again. 

I typically start the week in a dark dress – I think because it’s easy to roll out of bed Monday morning, put on a dress and not worry about mixing and matching. I typically pair with a cardigan or (maybe) a blazer. My office is business casual, leaning more towards the business than the casual…no casual Friday’s here! I had a few staple dresses from grad school but definitely have been in a bit of a buying frenzy and utilizing Rent the Runway Update! 

Cardigan – Old Navy (linked similar

Dress – Vince Camuto (linked similar

Shoes – Nordstrom Rack


This outfit made me feel very British rock and roll! My hair is up because it’s dirty and my highlighter game was strong. I wore these boots all the time in grad school and they are treating me well in the working world too. You might be catching on that I’m a dress gal. 

Dress – Brooks Brothers (on sale!)
Boots – Linked Similar
Highlighter – Dior Pink Glow


Oops, hair is still up and the glasses came out (that means I’m tired y’all!). I usually shy away from pencil skirts due to my body type but I do like those that hit below the knee. Also, you may be picking up on my lack of accessories…I’m not that fun!
Top – Linked Similar
Skirt – Nordstrom Rack
Glasses – Warby Parker


I’ve been trying out Rent the Runway Update (shameless plug of my code for $30 off). Like Rebecca’s early post, I had used RTR in the past for weddings but was curious about this monthly option – for $89 a month you get four different outfits and/or accessories. I started my job two days after moving across the country and felt I needed new clothes asap before people at work noticed me wearing the same thing every week! It’s been going well so far, there was a minor mess-up where they sent me the wrong clothing item but they replaced it with two clothing outfits for one. I do like to refresh my clothes without having to commit to buying them as I get a bit bored with my wardrobe.


I wore this skirt all the time in grad school and I still love it! It’s a fun pattern and flattering to my body type (or at least I think so 😊). I could barely walk in these heels but like to elevate my game occasionally and help my shorty status. I’m, also, wearing hoop earrings so a whole new game for Friday.
Turtleneck – J.Crew
Skirt – JOA, Linked similar here 
Shoes – Nordstrom Rack
Earrings – Anthropologie

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