What I wore, what I read: 10/15-10/19

This semester just went from 0 to 100 real quick. Here’s what I wore on a very “put your hair up and deal with it” week.


Monday: It was freezing out. So, that made no sense. This is an outfit I copied off of someone I saw walking around in NYC when I was there conferencing. I can now confirm that sometimes belts change everything. 

Sweater: Banana Republic (I’m waiting for these to go on sale to buy every color)

Scarf: Old Navy

Boots: Madewell (Similar…and yes I totally sale stalked mine)

Bag: Madewell (found mine secondhand and it is everythingggg. Can’t wait to rock it on the job market)

Jacket: Thrifted (Poshmark roundup: size 2/ size 8/ size 12/ size 16).


Tuesday: Another thing I saw everyone in New York doing was wearing their leather jackets! With a real nonchalance that I have not achieved yet. So I vowed to wear mine as real outerwear all week. 

Boots: Sam Edelman (these are everywhere and they are a very good heel height for comfort!) 

Shirt/pants: Thrifted (similar top, similar pants)

Jacket: Nordstrom Rack


Thursday: I just purchased my first sustainable clothing item, this Vetta sweater. It can be worn as a cardigan or a sweater! I’ll post a roundup after I’ve worn it all three ways. 

And just for fun, here’s an outfit from the weekend.


Huge af scarf: Free People

Shirt: Old Navy

Jeans: Madewell

Link roundup:

You have to stop canceling plans: This has some nice thoughts about what not flaking out can do for you, instead of just the people you aren’t flaking on.

Try out time blocking: I scheduled blocks of time to work all week after reading this and it really helped me move from task to task. 

Coping with secondhand stress: Because there’s sure a lot of that in grad offices…

-I’m in the market for reusable office silverware and a to go mug this week to cut back on waste from Starbucks runs. I have this mug and it’s totally leak proof so I might stash a second one at school. If you have a different fave, tell me!

This week: Job apps are really stacking up, time to clear the backlog. And code. And write conference presentations. Hah.

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