What I wore: Fall conference edition

I’m sitting in Newark (drinking rosé, eating fries!) after a successful 3 days of conferencing. It turns out that being on the job market DOES suck some of the fun out of conferences because it amps up all nerves I’ve been harboring as-is. This conference was specifically for doctoral candidates on the job market to be seen by established professors in the same field, so as you might imagine, the pressure felt real.

Anyway. On to clothes. This was a fall conference, which is the best time to dress for because business casual is no longer too warm! Here’s what I wore…


On the plane// The first time in my life I’ve actually walked off a plane and headed straight to a conference. Fancy joggers ($35) were in order. I had a button up under my Vetta sweater (which can be worn as a cowl neck, crew neck, or flipped around to be a cardigan!!!) so I switched it to a cardigan, threw flats on at baggage claim, and off I went.


Presentation day// I thrifted this J. Crew blazer last year (here is this year’s Factory version). I love the camel for fall. And my Frye flats finally made their appearance.


Conferencing, day two// This was a comfy look. At the last minute, I simplified and only packed my black sweater (see! Same sweater as above but now in cardigan form!). Hotel selfie below.


And just for fun, here are some grad school words of wisdom I heard this weekend:

-Whatever your center is, you need to find it for the job market, and use it. Yoga, religion, hobbies, family–use it.

-It’s better to be who you are in the cover letter than it is to be what they want and then show up and not have that be your true self.

-Overconfidence and underconfidence are equally detrimental in interviews.

Now, I have to go decide whether to Netfilx in the airport or tackle my inbox…

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