My go-to comfy work from home clothes: Leze the Label review

A review of Leze is definitely a long time coming here–because I wear their lounge workwear pretty much every day when I work from home (and before work, and after work). Finding comfy work clothes is definitely a holy grail, so here I’ll review my favorite of their pants and sweatshirts, plus info about sizing! I also have a discount code for you!

I own a few sets from Leze at this point so I’ll just go down the line, starting with the Kennedy sweatshirt and Kendal pants. If you don’t want to scroll all the way for 15% off your entire Leze order, my discount code is PHDINCLOTHES

This set deserves more photo justice but I wear it daily, so I don’t remember to document. I’m wearing the Kennedy sweater (gifted) as I type. The Kendal pants are also always in the wash because I love them so.

The first question I think needs to be answered is “what do recycled fishing nets feel like?” and the answer is…indescribable but also so so cozy. Leze fabric feels like a lighter ponte fabric to me–it’s structured and holds its shape but also feels like a sweatshirt. Spongey might be the word I’m looking for? Highly recommend.

A couple small notes about the fabric: it does get pulls in it if not treated with care. I haven’t had any issues washing (I air dry) but randomly my fake Christmas tree created a couple lines in my pants (I was in a fight with the Christmas lights, you understand). So, don’t wear them if you’re going to be near anything stabby, I guess.

I also own the Brooklyn jacket and Taylor pants in pine (gifted). These items feel the same as the above set. The wide leg pants have a smooth waistband which I find slightly comfier. And the Brooklyn jacket has become a go-to “I need a layer but not a full sweatshirt.”

A word on how Leze fits: I am 5’11” and wear a size 6 in most tops and bottoms. I’m a medium in just about everything from Leze, except the Taylor pants, which I got a M/L in. They’re a bit big in the waist, but I’m not sure a XS/S would fit around my hips so I’m making it work.

Next is the Bengal tee. This was my first Leze purchase, and it has held up SO well. This is my go-to casual tee shirt for the office because it’s sturdy, substantial, doesn’t show any bra lines, and yet is extremely comfy. The cuffed sleeves add a nice touch. I probably wear it once a week.

I do think height plays a role in the size you should pick–I could probably wear a S in the tops, but I need extra length, a shorter friend recently gave me the feedback after her first set that she is sizing down so that things don’t look quite as oversized on her.

Finally, I have the Britney top and Alicia pant (gifted). The weight of this set is much lighter, I highly recommend them if you live in a hot climate like me. I’m wearing a M in both here and absolutely love this fabric, but due to the weight I don’t wear it in professional settings, it just doesn’t feel quite substantial enough for work. But for lounging? Heck yes.

That’s my Leze collection…for now! I’m truly amazed by how often I reach for all of it to chill after work, to travel, and to work from home. The only real question is what mystery set do I need in matcha?

If you want to save 15% on your Leze order use coupon code PHDINCLOTHES (I’ll earn a little commission too). Thanks for supporting my small blog!

This post contains affiliate links that may generate commission for the author.

4 thoughts on “My go-to comfy work from home clothes: Leze the Label review”

  1. I had just bought the Athena sweater in Mocha (and fallen in love with it) when I saw your post…off to get the mystery set in Milk Tea!


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