A search for festive, flat holiday shoes

I posted to Instagram this week asking for help finding a shoe I can wear to holiday parties. My requirements are pretty annoying: I don’t like to wear heels, but I still want something shiny or sparkly that feels festive. Thankfully, you all delivered on great suggestions, so I thought I would round them up here for anyone else looking!


A couple great velvet options emerged! I have been eyeing the Birdies mules for a while but also liked the traditional ballet flat options:

Embellished mules also in black ($150-ish…but there is a Target lookalike!)

Square toe (on sale for $88)


I love that shoes are sparkly right now! Here are a few contenders:

Sparkly bow ($170)

Sparkly band ($65)

Sparkly slingbacks ($35)

Rhinestone-adjacent, and not quite what I’m looking for but too good not to share, are these Frye flats. I can personally vouch that they are the best flats in the world if you always deal with heel blisters but want to wear a pointed toe.

Jewel tones

Love a jewel tone, I think they go with everything, so here are some good festive pairs:

Green ($110)

Red patent ($75)

Pink! ($55)

I love the idea of having one good pair of party shoes because I think most of my “regular” clothes can pull double duty for holiday gatherings (we’re not super fancy over here). So jeans, a cozy sweater, and a pair of killer shoes is right up my alley. You know, minus the killer-uncomfortable aspect.

After all this searching, a dark horse entered the race, and I ended up buying these–they are shiny and orangey-red, so they’re a fun holiday shoe that I think will add a pop to my regular year outfits as well!

What other shoes would you recommend?

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2 thoughts on “A search for festive, flat holiday shoes”

  1. I love all of these options! I am big on trying stuff on in person before I buy (hate having to ship stuff back) so not sure how many of these I will actually get to try…


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