My 2022 Stitch Fix Review + get $20 off

This month I tried a Stitch Fix box–it seemed like a good way to get some new back to school teacher clothes and update my style for 2022. I have tried Stitch Fix in the past, but it’s been about 5 years, so I thought we could use a review of how the boxes are now. I’ll talk about the brands I received, the average price of items in my box, and if I think it was worth it, below!

This box was gifted from Stitch Fix–boxes usually come with 5 items at a time but I received 3 to try. You can select from a few items before they build your box (and these items are picked out by AI) and then a real, live stylist will fill the rest of your box for you. The first reason I would try Stitch Fix is if you’re pressed for time to shop and you’re overwhelmed by options–they only give you a few at a time, which makes decision-making easier.

Here’s my $20 off link if you’re trying to cut to the chase. And here’s what I got:

The first thing I was impressed with was the brands that Stitch Fix comes from. They had a variety of brands on the site I would like to try, including Levi’s (where these straight leg jeans came from), Girlfriend, Modern Citizen, Eileen Fisher, and Amour Vert. Some of these are sustainable/ethical brands!

These Levi’s were cute, but I already have white cropped pants. Stitch Fix does ask you what basics you already own, but they didn’t ask if I had white pants–I think this would get better as I order more boxes and my stylist knows what I have.

Oh, and a random note for tall women: Stitch Fix lists the inseam of all pants on their website. The pair I got had a 31″ inseam, which is a true crop length on me.

Next I tried these tailored shorts. They were so cute and comfy but a bit big in the waist. When you go to checkout on Stitch Fix you can exchange for a different size, so that’s a nice option.

Another question I had was what the average price of items in my box would be. When you take the initial survey you can choose, so they’ll ask you the average you spend on pants, tops, accessories, etc. The highest price in my box was about $90 for the pants, and these shorts were a steal at $40!

Finally I tried this sweater vest. I appreciate this option because I’m trying to update my fall style and sweater vests are having a moment. I also think olive green goes with everything else in my closet. I’m not sure the turtleneck is useful in my current climate, but I could see it being cute with a long sleeve under it when it’s chilly. What do you think?

So, was my Stitch Fix box worth it? I think having a stylist pick things out for you is a nice treat, and it’s great that you can tell them what you’re looking for and what’s coming up in your life. It was nice to see someone else’s perspective on what I could wear, and the price points were all reasonable for my budget. Overall, I think it was worth it to try, and I could see the service getting better the longer I work with a stylist. The only downside is if you already have a big closet of things you like, the odds are there will be some redundancies in what is picked out.

If you are interested in Stitch Fix you can save money ($20) on your first box by checking out with my link. Stitch Fix boxes are now “on demand” also–so they don’t come on a schedule unless you would like them to, which I think is a good update to the service!

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