Back to school shopping for grad students and professors: Athleta

Welcome back to back-to-school shopping for college teachers! Today we’re going somewhere a bit unexpected: Athleta. Athleta makes activewear, yes, but they also make some pretty nice sweatproof and wrinkle-free clothing that can pass as casual office style. If you’re a professor or grad student who is about to teach in late summer weather I think they should be on your list.Here’s what I tried on!

This would be a great travel outfit, I think! But with a blazer or cardigan it’s a perfect instructor outfit, too. These pants were almost a hiking pant materia but the line down the front makes them a bit more interesting. This top was the surprise hit of the try-on–it says it’s a sweatshirt but I could tell it would keep me cool, and the shoulders have a cool seam on them so they look just slightly interesting. It’s like the padded shoulder tank tops that have been in for the last couple of years but without the actual padding, so I think you could wear it for much longer! And if that doesn’t give it away, yes, this shirt came home with me.

Top (wearing a S, I’m usually a S or M in tops)

Pants (wearing an 6, TTS, also comes in tall and petite)

Then I found a matching pair of cropped pants in the same fabric so I had to check them out! This was just a bit too casual for teaching for me (maybe a blazer/flats would have worked with it?) but I think the pants in a darker color could also work! This is a newer “seasoft” fabric from Athleta that I will be looking at as they release new styles. There’s also a dress with the same cut as the tank top!

Next I tried this long ribbed cardigan. It was not at all itchy because it is seamless (sweater requirement) and I could see myself adding it to a lot of outfits because it has some texture to it.

Sweater (wearing a M)

Matching tank (I did not see this in store but matching sets are having a moment and now I’m tempted!)

I also tried this oversized button down on. Pinterest girlies are having a moment wearing their oversized button downs as open layers and I could see myself putting this over a tank top tucked in to pleated pants. But the color was ultimately just a little toooo purple for me. Fortunately it also came in white. Also, this was very generously sized if you always have issues with button downs creating the dreaded boob gap.

Top (wearing a M)

Next I tried a cropped button down shirt. It was a cool idea, and much easier to do a half-tuck with than a regular button down. For my height (5’11”) it was a pass but if I was shorter I would consider it, especially if button downs always feel too long on you).

Shirt (wearing a M)

That’s what I tried at Athleta! Their prices are a bit high so I usually check the sale section or wait for things to go on sale! Where should we go next?

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