Some spring teaching outfits

It’s been a while since I did an outfit round-up, so here are some early spring professor outfits!

Pastel blazer + floral dress

Is this blazer pastel? Idk. It’s my new favorite “no color color,” somehow the de-saturated mint goes with just about everything. I should probably do a round up of my blazer collection soon because I have pared it down to just my top 5–I now have less blazers but all of them fit me perfectly, and I find that they make getting ready super easy! This particular blazer is secondhand from Theory. I’ll leave a link to the exact blazer below if you are also a Poshmark searcher 🙂

Dress (secondhand, exact)

Blazer (secondhand, exact if you are on the hunt!)

Boots (old, similar)

Spring trousers + silk top

These pants are new from Brass (but I have last years version too!). I am really loving wide leg pants lately when they are full length! I think it’s the best pants shape for me. Which leads me to…does anyone have jeans that fit like this? But are stretchy? I’m in the market.

Top (secondhand, similar)




Flannel + spring midi skirt

This skirt is maybe the item blog friends ask me about the most. I found it secondhand from Madewell and it’s called the Meridian skirt. It’s definitely a core pick to me that has survived many closet purges because it’s effortless but a cut above a flowy midi skirt thanks to the panels on the front. I don’t know if this outfit “works” but I felt like throwing a flannel on with it, which made me feel very 2015 Madewell (an era I miss tbh).

Shirt (old, similar)

Skirt (secondhand, here’s a 0, 4 and a 6 on Poshmark!)

Shoes (gifted)

Plaid blazer + fun tee

This is maybe a fall outfit? Let’s just say white sneakers make it spring! I found this screen tee at a vintage store in the fall (ok I’ll reveal my source) and I have found it surprisingly versatile!

Blazer (secondhand, similar)

Tee (secondhand, similar)



That’s what I’ve been wearing! Lots of secondhand finds that are still going strong as the season changes. What are your favorite spring outfit combos?

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5 thoughts on “Some spring teaching outfits”

  1. Fellow academic here! Your blog was an accidental find, and I am hooked! I just bought Everlane trainers, and you’ve given me so much inspiration for wearing them. LOVE the last outfit in this post. I’ll be digging through my tee and blazer collection today. 😊


  2. Ahhh!!! I am going to a (non-academic) conference where people (actually) care about how they look and dress so I was looking for business casual styles to copy and found yours… I like your style a lot! Thanks for teaching fellow PhDs how to dress 🤣


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