Some spring teaching outfits, part 2

My goals in the classroom are always to be practical, weather-appropriate, cute and comfy. As the seasons transition it can be challenging to remember what I liked to wear last year at this time. So, here are some more spring teacher outfits I’m wearing in 2022!

Layered button down and crop pants

With spring temperature variation I like to pick out easy layers in lighter colors. Here I took my most business-y button down shirt and lightened it up over a t shirt and my beloved crop pants.

My fave fashion tip lately is that all light items + one dark item or vice versa is chic and a bit unexpected. So I picked the comfiest flats I own. They aren’t extremely supportive but they’re basically slipper status for teaching all day.

Black and white + pop of spring

Are you sick of this blazer yet? I can’t stop. I might have to find the same blazer in blush–but they are pricey so here are a couple other spring colors in the same oversized fit.

I paired it with my secondhand white corduroy pants (similar) and my absolute favorite layering t shirt. Plus a sharp belt (here’s the budget version) and the sneakers you already know that I wear to death.

Deciding sneakers are office appropriate was honestly my best teaching move of 2020. I am never going back.

Sharp trousers + flats

This outfit is allll about the chic lines but still reasonable silhouettes for moving around the classroom and keeping cool. These pants are an investment piece for me (here’s a cheaper option) but the drape is soooo nice. They are just a confidence booster! Size up 1 size. I took them hem out 3 inches.

I’m back in the sturdiest tee that doesn’t show bra lines, plus my favorite point toe flats! Did I mention you will never see a heel in a teacher style round up? 🙂 We have places to walk!

Pleated pants + button down

One more outfit I’ve been making frequently is my ADAY pants–they are cool to the touch so totally amazing if your classroom is hot (mine was hot, then they turned the AC on, now it’s the arctic). I added their button down shirt here (also cool for hot temperatures). I do have an ADAY code for 20% off–it’s phdinclothes20.

I also included the left picture because I just got these pants back from the tailor, who lengthened them about 2.5 inches, which was very exciting to me as a tall person!

There you have it! While I wear these outfits as a college professor I hope they’re useful to all grade levels, including middle and high school teachers (admittedly I don’t have to consider moving around on a playground).

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