Copying Dakota Johnson’s Style, part 2

A year ago, I realized that Dakota Johnson has some of the best street style inspo around, and decided to recreate her outfits for myself. Now I’m back with 5 new Dakota Johnson outfits that you can easily copy in 2021! I dressed like Dakota Johnson for a week and you can too!

Ok outfit 1! This outfit is an easy winter style, yes? I think the big sweater contrasting with the slim pants and boots is what makes it chic. But giant sunglasses certainly never hurt.

I loved this one because I would not have considered putting my white boots with ponte leggings. Thanks, DJ!



Boots (similar)

Here we have the quintessential celebs-running-errands look, aka an outfit that is polished enough that I would go to work in it. Celebrity style that skews academic is my favorite, of course. Last time I did this post I swore I would get some black loafers but I didn’t find any I loved so we will stick with snakeskin!

Top (similar)

Pants (similar)


I’ve never been a cool vintage girl before but Dakota has sure got it down. Her denim collection seems hard to beat and she wears her checkerboard vans pretty often from what I’ve seen on Pinterest. I don’t have Vans but I did recently learn that the men’s jeans section at the thrift store is THE place to get substantial, vintage vibes jeans so that’s where mine are from!

But I think she’s missing out by not having a Butte Montana shirt 🙂

Jeans are thrifted (this! is the best way! to find vintage jeans!)


Ok this was the “reach” outfit for me because I was really not sure how I would feel in it. Wide leg pants plus a moto jacket feels like a lot to me, PLUS chunky shoes?

I actually kind of liked it. One of the best things about trying someone else’s style is just that they pair clothes differently than you!

Everything in this outfit is quite old 🙂

I picked this one because I just got a square neck top. One thing I have noticed in my closet lately is that some different textures–like the shiny shoes here–would break up my basics, but I still don’t have any so this definitely became a less than perfect match.

But the results? I like my lugsole boots with light skinny jeans. Who knew!




Want to see my first week of Dakota Johnson outfits? Right this way.

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2 thoughts on “Copying Dakota Johnson’s Style, part 2”

  1. If you are fan-girling Dakota Johnson, then I am fan-girling this post! What a great idea. I think that moto-wide leg-chunky shoe outfit is so interesting. I would worry that would feel like too much, but both versions, yours and hers look great! Gosh darn it, she has great style.


  2. I opened this post to see that I was wearing the first outfit today! But flats instead of boots. So funny. Now I feel really cool 😎


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