What I wore this week

All neutrals all the time! Mixing cool and warm tones! Here’s another week of professor style.


I wore this outfit after trying on and hating like 5 other outfits, which is the worst morning activity in my opinion. But leopard skirt plus neutrals is pretty foolproof in my experience, PLUS this was a good outfit for feeling a little bit fall when it’s still 80 out. I’m surprised at how into the lugsole trend I am now but having something that feels a bit tougher really breaks up all my teaching clothes! Also shoutout to this white tee for not being see through.


I know we’re wearing more vintage-vibes denim these days but I cannot. get. into. the full mom jean yet, especially if it’s a light wash. I don’t know why! I’m trying! But this vintage pair in a true blue color is a nice compromise point.

I wore this to talk to a grad class about academic life and I felt put together but still casual!


My students said this outfit was cool and you know I love that. I’ve been on the fence about this blazer–the sleeves are too short and I really wanted a double-breasted plaid blazer in a cooler tone. Just a good reminder to myself that when thrifting, if it’s not a heck yes it should be a no 🙂


The other day I thought “I should get a brown tee to mix in with my fall clothes” and then I realized I had this tank top already, woops. So then I mixed it up with my oldest cardigan and felt sufficiently cool for running errands. I’m trying to get dressed more on work from home days because I think it boosts my mood.

Everything in this outfit is pretty old, but the jeans are still available.


I wore this to work in a coffee shop. I have not attempted the cardigan-as-shirt before (and yes I had a tank top underneath) but I actually liked it! I think this one had enough buttons to feel secure.

Sweater (similar)


That’s all! Happy Friday!

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6 thoughts on “What I wore this week”

  1. Thank you! I actually love all your shoes. I should probably just ask about the other brands too – one PHD to another. 😉


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