Where do you get your work style inspiration?

When I watch TV I’m usually pretty distracted by one thing that isn’t the plot…the clothes! I am absolutely fascinated by the choices costume designers make when dressing characters and often grab my business casual style from TV shows. So this week I decided to try to channel some signature looks from favorites, including Dana Scully, Shiv Roy, and Celeste from Big Little Lies.

Dana Scully…and every lady detective ever

Ah yes, the uniform of women detectives everywhere appears to be a slouchy button down shirt (or silky if they’re a fancy lady) and smart work trousers. Trying this outfit made me realize there’s absolutely nothing special about it…it’s all about fit. And fit is great on TV, because most clothes (even if they’re bought from a store) are deconstructed and tailored to the actors.

Truly I thought I was being Dana Scully but it turns out I was being everyone.

Shiv Roy

Siobhan “Shiv” Roy rocks a lot of high end designers and classics with a twist on Succession, especially after she (light spoilers) decides she’s in the running for the family business. I absolutely love her looks but obviously at my price point I can’t truly channel her brands…unless I go thrifting!! Which is where I found this MAX MARA SILK BUTTON DOWN SHIRT LAST WEEKEND *screams*

She also inspires me to try something new and wear more gray as a redhead. So there’s that!

Celeste from Big Little Lies

I absolutely love the clothing choices for Celeste (Nicole Kidman) in Big Little Lies. She’s basically piled in neutral colors and smart (but extra expensive lol) basics all the time, plus a wrap coat, which inspired me to try a camel colored sweater under my wrap coat for a tonal moment.

Do you watch TV with an eye toward outfits too? Here are some interviews with costume designers that I loved/that changed my perspective about getting dressed:

Broad City


Only Murders in the Building


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