What I wore this week

New Brass Prima Joggers review, thoughts on tinting my own eyebrows, and just some plain professor outfits!

Hello friends! Last week got off to a slow start in the land mirror selfies because I was busy writing on several projects. BUT! I did get the new Brass Prima Joggers in this pretty forest green color on Tuesday. I wore them with a black sweater and sneakers, plus this half up bun style that my partner finds divisive (haha wearing it anyway!).

Some notes on these joggers if you’re interested: They come in the Brass all day fabric which is my favorite fabric ever. It is COMPLETELY wrinkle-proof and lint proof and it’s my ideal travel fabric (not that I travel currently). I am wearing the 6 long in these joggers and know they’ll be a favorite for a long time because they complete my closet quest for more colors, especially colors that go well with other jewel tones!

If you’re interested in Brass you can get $25 off your first purchase using code REBECCA25. Ok onto other outfits!

I did get one more clothing package: This light blue blazer I spent Poshmark credit on. I wanted a lighter, cool tone blazer because all of my blazers are some shade of brown. I’m excited to wear this all spring! It’s originally from (where else) H&M. Now that I know their double-breasted blazers are the best (and true to size!) it’s quite easy to spot them when browsing secondhand!

Anyway, Wednesday and Thursday were pretty casual days where I was happy to reach for sweaters I love (white and tan, below), foolproof stretchy wfh pants (jeans, leggings) and shoes I can actually walk in (loafers!).

I got a lot done this week, work-wise, and was thankful for clothes I didn’t have to think too hard about. I know saying it was a productive week can come off braggy, but I’m trying to change my own narrative of work and this is part of it. Some weeks feel very productive. Others feel like a crawl. I’m attempting to remember that both types of week count as work and having a slow week doesn’t make you less legitimate as a worker. Ugh, pandemic thoughts. I guess my young adult brain always thought work was about doing the same amount of work every day for 5 days a week and I know that is unsustainable and also not realistic because tasks come and go. Still, I think I’m pretty harsh on myself about this. So, yes. This week was productive. Last week was slow. Both count as doing my work!

Also, Instagram friends know that I tinted my eyebrows. Thank you for witnessing that and I’m glad it wasn’t a complete disaster. Here’s a selfie I took for my mom if you want to see. I bought this kit on Amazon. Use vaseline to protect the skin around your eyebrows if you attempt it, the rest of the directions worked well! I can’t believe this is my eyebrows without any makeup on!

The last and best outfit because this is my COVID vaccine dose 2 outfit! I’m so excited and feeling fortunate that teachers are included in my state’s current phases. If you can’t get the vaccine yet I am rooting for you to be able to get it soon! This outfit feels a little retro pep rally to me but it’s made up of current favorites, including my beloved new cardigan, my fave work dress, and sneakers, always.

That’s all for the week! I hope you are doing well!

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One thought on “What I wore this week”

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    Thank you for listing it together and sharing this information with us and letting us know more about it. Keep sharing more such articles like this with us in the future also.


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