Thinx Sleep Shorts Review: Do they work?

Thinx sleep shorts

Hello friends! This post is slightly overdue because I’ve been using the new Thinx sleep shorts for about 2 months now. These are period sleep shorts and they’re meant to replace the need to use tampons or pads overnight. When I first saw this idea I thought GENIUS. But I also had some questions, namely, do they work, what’s the absorbency, are they comfortable, and do they feel wet. So here are my thoughts, plus a little promo code for $10 off!

I purchased the sleep shorts in a size medium (my usual pant size is a 6). My first impression of them was that the fabric feels really nice and the coverage is great (I hate overly short pajama shorts. WHY). They definitely look and feel like normal PJs and I would not know they are any different based on appearance!

Inside, they have a pair built-in underwear. Let me just say: I did not read the description well, and thought the whole sleep short was made of absorbent fabric, but nope! They basically have a pair of Thinx sewn in inside. The absorbency is high–they are said to replace 5 tampons! So in theory they would work even on a heavy night with a heavy flow.

They definitely don’t feel wet, but I am not used to “free bleeding” (this is a Thinx term I had never heard before haha) and it made me kind of uncomfortable the first time I used them because I’m used to sleeping with a tampon. Nonetheless, they DID work, very well, and I felt completely secure sleeping in them.

The only drawback is that, well, you can obviously only use them for one night before they need a wash. So, do I buy like…5 pairs of PJ shorts? Or just stick to wearing my favorite pair of Thinx to bed under other PJs?

The verdict: I really like these and they work on the heaviest night of my period. Nonetheless, I prefer them as a backup with a tampon. But they certainly work without one!

If you want $10 off a pair (or any other Thinx) you can use my link to shop and I’ll get a little commission too!

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