Outfits Lately: Back to School

Greetings from the beginning of the school year…I cannot believe it’s my second year as an assistant professor. Seriously COVID is a blackhole that swallowed a whole semester of my tenure track time and it is very perplexing. I am not ready to be busy again but it feels amazing to have a place to go and a reason to get dressed! Here’s what I wore for the first week of classes for some women’s professor style outfit ideas!


I still wanted to feel like I was going back to school even if school was at my desk so I picked the most fall outfit I could and threw the blazer on for virtual meetings. My leopard skirt is old but Vetta just came out with a reversible one and I am sort of beside myself over the versatility of it, so remind me I don’t need a second one, k?


Woman reunites with favorite work pants!!! I am so excited. I recently bought these white slides–I haven’t worn a shoe without an ankle strap since ?? high school? but I have become exasperated with installing a whole shoe on my foot just to take out the trash. And you know what? I’m surprised by how much versatility they have added to my closet (also that I can walk in them) just because they’re completely different from anything I own.


I have been absolutely pining over brown loafers but I already own this gray pair. They’ve been in the giveaway pile but I decided to give them one more shot. They still don’t make my heart sing–I am unsure why the color gray confuses me, it’s like my brain goes blank when it comes to outfit ideas and can only come up with this blue tank top.


This skirt is such a fun addition to my closet. I still love athleisure looks but have been trying to blend them in more with my work clothes, because why not be comfy? Anyway, I didn’t know a work-athleisure piece truly existed until I saw this skirt, which has a fun floral print but also a sporty zipper and drawstring.

One more shout out to my thrifted birthday bag 🙂


I don’t know if this outfit is…allowed? There’s a lot going on. Am I a farmer? Whatever. Scalp protection is life. In my favorite shorts once again. And these loafers I just got back from the cobbler, good as new!

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3 thoughts on “Outfits Lately: Back to School”

  1. I love all of them, but especially that Monday one. WOW! That first outfit you wore might be one of the prettiest outfits I’ve ever seen. Just everything about it, the beautiful blazer, the skirt, the shoes. Such a gorgeous look.


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